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A Digital Future for All

The Digital for Life movement aims to galvanise the community to help Singaporeans embrace digital as a lifelong pursuit, and to enrich their lives. The Digital for Life movement will build on the momentum of many community efforts we have seen during COVID-19, and mobilise more community partners and resources to help all Singaporeans feel excited, empowered and enriched by digital technologies.

Digital for Life

To help build a digital inclusive society, the Digital for Life movement has been established to support projects and activities that promote:

  • Digital Technology and Inclusion – which will focus on building digital resilience, and excite different segments of society on how new digital technologies can enrich their daily lives.
  • Digital Literacy and Wellness – which will focus on promoting good digital habits as society engages in the digital domain, including areas of cyber safety, media literacy and mitigating the risks of online harms.

With the combined efforts of corporates, community groups, government and individuals, we will be able to enable citizens to enjoy better quality of life through technology.

Let's Participate

Contributing to the Digital for Life movement does not always require grand ideas. Everyone can be a part of this movement and help someone in the community. From helping seniors learn how to use their smartphones to refurbishing old laptops for families in need, we can enable digital accessibility for our community in many ways. Take a look at some of these examples!

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Empowering Young Creators

Through mentorship and facilitated ideation sessions by industry professionals, students are empowered in their creative explorations to bring about positive changes for the community, and for the world. The young creators decide what they want to create in the Lighthouse Program by VIVITA Singapore, and receive new inspiration from forerunners and change-makers, as well as other students across Singapore.

Enriched with industry experience and guidance by the mentors who contribute their time to the project, the young explorers bring their ideas to life through learning by doing, where they pick up relevant digital skills needed for their creations, and learn through testing and failing. The students also get to showcase their novel prototypes, taking their first step in creating change for the community.

Helping Seniors Stay Digitally Connected

Helping Seniors Stay Digitally Connected

To support more vulnerable seniors living in the community to go digital, volunteers from corporate and youth partners (e.g. Singtel, TriGen, Youth Corps Singapore, Heartware Network) provide personalised coaching to seniors at Senior Activity Centres island-wide, to help them pick up new digital skills and basic smartphone usage. These seniors go through a structured weekly curriculum, focusing on essential skills such as communication, video calls and cybersecurity, enabling them to be digitally connected for life.


Tackling Fake News With Art

With digital artworks and animations, the EYEYAH! Fake News Issue is an educational resource for students that promotes critical thinking and discernment of false online content, with an accompanying toolkit and worksheets for educators. The project was supported by the Media Literacy Council (MLC) under the under the Better Internet Campaign.

The MLC, comprising members from the industry, academia and government agencies, was set up to spearhead public education on media literacy and cyber wellness. It aims to cultivate the public to become discerning media consumers with the ability to evaluate media content effectively. Resources were also created to teach digital users to use, create, and share content safely and responsibly, empowering them to be safe, smart, and kind online.

The Story Behind the Digital for Life Logo

Digital for Life

The Inspiration

Going digital has become a way of life. Today, we live in a digital universe filled with many wonders. From education, finance and medical, to music, games and shopping, the digital life connects us to these and more, enriching our lives. 

The possibilities of our digital future are endless: think innovative wearable technology, experiential connected parks, to even exploring the universe – digital is our gateway to an incredible future where dreams are made reality, and the impossible, possible.

That’s why the Digital for Life movement is here to bring together the community to help Singaporeans embrace digital as a lifelong pursuit, to enrich their lives  – so that no one is left behind in Singapore’s journey into the digital future. 

Logo Design Rationale

The Digital for Life logo captures the exciting digital universe in a ‘Play’ button that invites everyone to start their digital journey, as well as calling the community to play their part to bring all Singaporeans along to embrace the digital way of life. 

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Get Started

Join the movement and inspire the community to help Singaporeans embrace digital!
From information and tips on digital literacy and cyber wellness, to materials that help build digital resilience for all Singaporeans, here are some resources to get you started.

Digital Technology and Inclusion

  • The Seniors Go Digital programme aims to help seniors lead engaged, informed and fulfilled lives, by improving their digital capabilities.
  • Code@SG aims to develop computational thinking and making as a national capability in Singapore.

Digital Literacy and Wellness

  • The Better Internet Campaign is the Media Literacy Council’s annual flagship programme that champions digital and media literacy in Singapore.

President's Challenge 2021

On 8 February, President Halimah Yacob launched the Digital for Life movement at the President’s Challenge 2021 event. This year, President’s Challenge seeks to build a digitally inclusive society where digital technologies are accessible to all, and no one is left behind.

At the event, IMDA also shared plans to further galvanise all parts of our society—for the industry, community, and every Singaporean to benefit fully from digital in areas of digital literacy and wellness, as well as technology and digital inclusion.

The launch took place at NTUC Health Taman Jurong Senior Activity Centre, where volunteers engaged seniors in a one-hour smartphone learning session, also known as the Digital Learning Circle (DLC). During the engagement, President Halimah joined Madam Patsy Low (69) who made a WhatsApp video call to her elder sister, taking her first steps to be Digital for Life.

About Digital for Life Fund

The Digital for Life Fund is the flagship for fundraising efforts under the Digital for Life movement. All cash donations received will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Government. 

Click here to make an online donation to the Digital for Life Fund. All donations $10 and above are eligible for 250% tax deduction. 

For corporate donations to the cause, please contact Community Chest at or at 1800 210 2600.

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