Call for Proposal for Talent Progression Programme: Content Development

2021 Call-for-Proposals (CFP) for Feature Film and Short Film Submissions


Applications for film projects are by Calls-for-Proposals (CFP).


The CFPs for feature films and short films are open to projects applying for the Talent Progression Programme (TPP): Content Development.


There are 4 categories of content supported under TPP: Content Development:


Under CFP for feature films:


1)    Long-form Content – New Director
Encourages first and second-time directors to launch their careers in feature filmmaking 


2)    Long-form Content – Southeast Asia Co-Production
Nurtures film talent in Singapore to jointly develop quality Asian stories for the world with regional creators


3)    Long-form Content – General
Builds up the portfolio and experience of Singapore talent in quality roles through the production of content projects


Under CFP for short films:


4)    Short-form Content
Supports budding talented content creators to hone their craft through creating short-form content


Please see below for the respective CFP timelines:


Feature Films


Short Films


How to respond to a CFP

Interested applicants of TPP: Content Development must send their completed proposal (including all required supporting documents) according to the respective guidelines to (for Long-Form Content projects) or to FormSG (for Short-Form Content projects) by the stipulated deadline. Please note that the IMDA/SFC reserves the right not to accept any submission that is late or deemed incomplete.


Important: Please read the below guidelines carefully.

Long-Form Content

Short-Form Content

IMDA/SFC reserves the right to change the guidelines from time to time. Please ensure you check the website for the latest version.


* Please note that dates for the pitching sessions / notification dates may be subject to change. Do check this page for the most updated information.

Last updated on: 18 Nov 2021