Reality Detector Product

Contact: Dennis Ye
Tel: 8305 0508

Seer’s “Sensors enhance senses” and is an AI startup seed funded by Tim Draper and Draper Associates. Its vision is to enable emotionally intelligent machines and a more perceptive future. Seer’s purpose is making more trust more worthy by the discernment of true intention, emotion, cognition and actions. It is starting with credibility assessment and expanding into emotion detection and video analytics.

Have you as an investor or employer ever wondered when people are telling you the truth? Well, Seer has. This is why Seer created the Reality Detector (“RD”) product line to quickly surface deceptive "tells" without contact that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Currently, Home Affairs are in the midst of piloting their hardware version(s) and they are raising funds to democratize their solution. Seer is better able than their rivals to use innovative questioning methods, such as an integrated guilty knowledge test - potentially reducing false positives, reducing crime, and even saving lives. Don't take Seer’s word for it, please try their contactless polygraph on them and try to beat their algorithm soon. Aside from their automated deception detector, they also have a live interviewer which is able to quantify invaluable cues that are easily missed. The different modes can be used for background checks, pre-employment screenings, enhanced due diligence, etc.

RD aims to “reveal incongruent words and actions at a glance”. Its mission is to build the best truth detector to clear the pure. It is getting comparable classification rates for the guilty/innocent with an approach that is similar to EyeDetect. Seer is looking for distributors as they productize their vision-based truth detector (which will be cheaper, better, and faster). To complement this, they are building their audio and NLP technology for insurance fraud and are looking for pilot partners.

Last updated on: 18 Aug 2022