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Contact: Victor Goh
Tel: 9692 2509

Category: Data Analytics / Artificial Intelligence

Sub category: Computer Vision

ViSenze is an artificial intelligence (AI) startup established in 2012 that powers visual commerce at scale for retailers and publishers. The company delivers intelligent image recognition solutions that shorten the path to action as consumers search and discover on the visual web.

Using R&D in machine learning and computer vision technology, ViSenze enables shoppers to find or discover new products based on visual search, automatic photo tagging and recommendations based on their browsing history. The technology has been used by retailers in fashion, home decor, jewellery and intellectual property.

For example, Rakuten and Urban Outfitters use ViSenze to convert images into immediate product search opportunities, improving conversion rates. Media companies use ViSenze to turn any image or video into an engagement opportunity, driving more new and incremental dollars.

Venture-backed by Rakuten and WI Harper, ViSenze is built by web specialists and computer scientists with deep machine learning and computer vision experience. ViSenze has offices in US, UK, India, China and Singapore. The company originally started as a part of NExT, a leading research centre jointly established between National University of Singapore and Tsinghua University of China.

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Last updated on: 05 Nov 2020