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Better Data Driven Business' Use Cases

Learn from real examples

IMDA is committed to raising awareness of the benefits of furthering data use among SMEs in Singapore and helping businesses kickstart their digital transformation journey.

IMDA's Better Data-Driven Business (BDDB) programme is helping businesses in Singapore to unlock the full potential of data through innovative artificial intelligence and business intelligence tools, providing a range of benefits and challenges to businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

The Compendium of Data Use Cases is a compilation of success stories that demonstrates how local SMEs and businesses of different sizes and sectors have made use of data and analytics to improve their operations or services in hopes that these real-world use cases can serve as a starting point for others looking to learn from industry leaders.

From improving operations and services to enhancing the customer experience, the benefits of business intelligence and data analytics are clear, but businesses must also navigate the challenges of data privacy, security, and access. With the right digital tools and strategies, however, businesses in Singapore can harness the power of data to drive innovation, growth, and success.

List of use cases

Alibaba Group:
Boosting Innovation in
Grand Hyatt Singapore:
Driving a five-star experience with data
Buying into data-driven business
Alibaba Group's office building, representing the success of the BDDB programme in boosting innovation in e-commerce with data analytics The Grand Hyatt Singapore hotel building, one of MDA's Compendium of Data Use Cases through the Better Data-Driven Business (BDDB) programme A man smiling, surrounded by electronics at his desk, highlighting Kearea's use case for data-driven business through the BDDB programme
Application of the PDPA's Exceptions to Consent has paved the way for Alibaba Group to develop solutions that help resource-strapped merchants in market research, customer service, and risk control.

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Data-driven customer insights have helped the hotel create luxury experiences that is tailored to each of their guests’ needs, improve on their customer service and resolve operational challenges.

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As a unique platform selling modern gadgets and devices, the e-commerce company leveraged on data analytics to gain more insights into their customer purchasing behaviours and boost sales.

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McDonald’s Singapore:
Feeding the restaurants of the future with data-driven analytics
NTUC FairPrice:
Shopping gets personal with data collaboration
Plover Trip:
Travel industry takes off with data analytics
A McDonald's staff speaking with a customer, representing the success of data-driven analytics in F&B through the BDDB programme Consumers shopping at NTUC FairPrice, representing the success of data analytics in the retail industry through the BDDB programme Tall buildings and an aeroplane in the sky, represent the success of Plover Trip's adoption of data analytics through the BDDB programme
As part of their digital transformation journey, McDonald's Singapore looked at serving up improved customer experiences and making better business decisions with the help of data-driven insights.

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Digital transformation is changing the game for businesses of all sizes and sectors in Singapore, enabling companies to harness the power of data analytics to drive innovation and growth. Harnessing the power of data analytics, NTUC Fairprice and NTUC Link look at pooling their customer data to offer a more personalised customer experience while saving on marketing costs.

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Amid the pandemic, travel management company Plover Trip looks at using data analytics and its "digital-first, data-driven philosophy" to enhance the customer journey every step of the way.

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