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Singapore Blockchain Ecosystem

About Singapore’s Blockchain Landscape

The development of a map of Singapore’s blockchain landscape is part of IMDA's efforts to promote awareness and adoption of blockchain technology and to grow the blockchain ecosystem in Singapore. It is co-developed by IMDA, together with OpenNodes, powered by Tribe, and was first released in Oct 2019.

IMDA’s landscape map features notable local blockchain companies and initiatives leading the development of blockchain technology in a variety of industries. It is categorised into major sectors and provides a representation of the application of blockchain in digital payment and various industries. In 2020, there has been advancement in Singapore’s blockchain ecosystem, and the refreshed landscape map features new players and initiatives.

Ecosystem Map

For a higher resolution image of the Singapore Blockchain Landscape 2020, please refer to

The Singapore Blockchain Landscape 2019 is available here.

Singapore Blockchain Ecosystem 2020

The Singapore Blockchain Ecosystem 2020 report is co-developed by OpenNodes, Temasek, IBM, PwC, EY, and SGTech, and supported by IMDA and Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

The report features impactful developments and trends in Singapore’s blockchain ecosystem over the last one year. In addition, the report presents a glimpse of Singapore’s lively blockchain research landscape due to active contributions from both academic institutions and private sector.

The Singapore Blockchain Ecosystem 2020 report aims to create opportunities for blockchain companies to continue to thrive, grow, and contribute to the blockchain community.

Download the Singapore Blockchain Ecosystem 2020 report here.

The Singapore Blockchain Ecosystem 2019 report is available here.

IMDA's Blockchain Challenge

Please refer to IMDA’s Blockchain Challenge, which aims to promote awareness and adoption of the technology; and encourage companies to explore business model innovation and/or transformation arising from the technology.


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