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The illustration shows primary school students engaged in hands-on learning with a robotics kit, showcasing the practical application of computational thinking.   At the front, secondary school students are checking the plants moisture level by using microcontrollers, showing the program's focus on digital making and the integration of emerging technologies like microcontrollers.

Code for Fun

About Code for Fun Enrichment Programme

The Code for Fun Enrichment Programme exposes primary and secondary school students to computational thinking through coding, inventive thinking through digital making, and emerging technologies.

Code for Fun is offered jointly by IMDA and the Ministry of Education (MOE) to all MOE primary and secondary schools. Students learn computational thinking and inventive thinking concepts through first-hand experiences with robotic kits and/or microcontrollers. They are also exposed to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence.

The illustration shows two primary school students engaged in fixing a malfunctioning robot. One student is inspecting the inner workings of the robot to identify the malfunction,  emphasizing the hands-on learning aspect.   While the other student has discovered a malware virus – a spyware. This helps to develop problem-solving abilities by tackling real-world issues such as cybersecurity threats.

Code for Fun for Primary Schools

Since 2020, all upper primary students undergo 10 hours of lessons on computational thinking, coding and emerging technologies such as Artifical Intelligence (AI) in school. From 2025, students will also be able to participate in an additional 10 hours of supplementary lessons on AI, where they will learn about generative AI and smart robots.

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Code for Fun for Secondary Schools

In secondary schools, Code for Fun strengthens students’ digital literacy skills and complements MOE’s Educational Technology Masterplan 2030 and existing technology-related curriculum such as Applied Learning Programmes. Students learn inventive thinking through exposure to design thinking principles and digital making.

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