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Data Regulatory Sandbox

About the Data Regulatory Sandbox

Data Regulatory Sandbox supports businesses by clarifying regulatory boundaries when innovating with data-driven technology and providing guidance to ensure compliance with data protection policies.

There are three stages in the Data Regulatory Sandbox:

The stages are not necessarily sequential, and dependent on the company’s use case and readiness.

Three stages of IMDA's Data Regulatory Sandbox: Engagement, Providing Guidance, and Policy Prototyping

Key considerations to leverage Data Regulatory Sandbox

Innovative:  The use case should demonstrate how data can be used to derive new value or creation of new products, which would not be possible under the current regulation

Benefit the public: The use case should not likely to have any adverse impact on the consumers

Ready and concrete use case: The use case should not be hypothetical. It should have sufficient interest from the relevant stakeholders and has clear outcomes

Risks assessment and mitigation: The risks and impact should be assessed and mitigated, and there should be reasonable effort to protect the interest of the individual

Case Study: Public-Private Data Collaboration (626.40KB)


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