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Digital Access

About IMDA Digital Access Programme

COVID-19 has catalysed a heightened interest and need by both individuals and families to be equipped with digital access and connectivity. These are essential for everyone in complying with public health directives, ensuring access to trustworthy information, and staying connected through online means.

Digital inclusion is for all

The Digital Access Programme equips low-income households, students, and persons with disabilities, with digital tools and solutions so that they can get connected and be empowered by technology. Over the years, the Home Access and NEU PC Plus Programmes which provide subsidised devices and broadband connectivity for low-income families have benefitted over 83,000 individuals. A new 'DigitalAccess@Home' scheme has also been launched to provide subsidised internet access and devices to lower-income households to support their lifestyle needs, including work and social activities.

As we embark on a nationwide ‘Seniors Go Digital’ movement, it is important to encourage more seniors on board this digital journey, as digital solutions can help safeguard our seniors’ health and improve their quality of life substantially. Under the latest initiative - Mobile Access for Seniors, needy seniors who aspire to go digital but lack the financial means to do so will be provided with further subsidy or support for the co-payment of devices such as smartphones, as well as mobile data plans. Through this, we aim to inspire seniors to widen their horizons and equip themselves with the digital skills to do so.

A new DigitalAccess@Home scheme has also been launched to provide subsidised internet access and devices to lower-income households to support their lifestyle needs, including work and social activities.

How you can help

Your donation will go to help low-income families and individuals who are not able to afford the co-payment of digital tools and solutions subsidised or in areas not supported under the current IMDA Digital Access Programmes. This will ensure that the digital aid is extended to benefit a wider population so that everyone can go digital in a meaningful way.

IMDA has partnered with Community Chest, the fundraising and engagement arm of the National Council of Social Service, to facilitate community donations to the IMDA Digital Access Programme. Through your donations, vulnerable elderly and low-income families will have access to relevant digital solutions and connectivity tools and be given equal opportunities to reap the benefits of the digital age.

By cheque or bank transfer

Organisations interested to contribute to the cause can contact the Community Chest at or at 1800 210 2600.


Visit the fundraising campaign page at to donate online or scan the QR code below.

A QR code to visit the fundraising campaign page at Digital for Life 

(Tax deductions applicable for donations above $10)

Mobile Access for Seniors

Mobile Access for Seniors

Mobile Access for Seniors is an initiative that supports the Seniors Go Digital Movement and provides financial assistance to lower-income seniors who want to go digital, but cannot afford smartphones and mobile plans.



DigitalAccess@Home provides digital access (internet access and infocomm devices) to low-income Singaporean households staying in HDB flats, to support their online participation in social and economic activities.

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