DigitalAccess@Home provides subsidised broadband and laptops/tablets to lower-income households to support their lifestyle needs, including work and social activities.

Who can apply?

Low-income households living in HDB flats with at least one Singapore Citizen are eligible to apply for DigitalAccess@Home.

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How Much Do I Need To Pay? (Co-Payment)

The amount of your co-payment will depend on the product(s) you select. The table below shows the range of co-payment amounts:

Applicant Type  Broadband3
(per month)
(before GST)6
(before GST)6
(before GST)6
Tier 1 / Public Rental Scheme1 $5 $75 - $85 $220 - $235
Tier 2 / Resides in 1-3 Room2 $10 $155 - $165 $445 - $475
Tier 3 / Resides in 4 room or larger $15 $230 - $250 $665 - $710

1Households with any beneficiary of MSF ComCare Assistance or MOE Financial Assistance5 with GHI $1,900 or PCI $650 qualify for this tier of support.

2Households with any beneficiary of MOE Financial Assistance and $1,900 < GHI $3,400 or $650 < PCI $900 qualify for this tier of support. 

3For 500 Mbps. To subscribe for 1Gbps service, each household pays an additional $5 per month.
4Digital devices offered under DigitalAccess@Home come with Microsoft Office (only for laptops), a 3-year subscription of anti-virus software, and a 3-year warranty.

5This includes MOE FAS for mainstream schools and Special Education Financial Assistance Scheme (SPED-FAS) for special need schools.

6Payments are subject to the prevailing GST

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What Should I Do?

You can check your eligibility at this website www.go.gov.sg/digitalaccesschecker or find out more by:


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