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International Trade and Logistics

International trade forms the backbone of Singapore’s open and trade-friendly economy. IMDA ensures that our institutions, infrastructure, policies and services encourage the free flow of goods. IMDA plays a pivotal role in promoting cross-border digital trade and ensuring Singapore's position as a major trading hub in the world. With the opportunities provided by new digital technologies, we aim to work with various countries to accelerate digital innovation in global trade. At present, international trade transactions often involve large numbers of documents that are exchanged between multiple stakeholders. These paper-based documentations are inefficient, costly and susceptible to fraud. There is large potential to digitalise cross-border trade documentation, to reduce operating costs for businesses, lower risk of fraud and promote more growth in trade.

Digital Solution


Working with various agencies and industry partners both locally and overseas, Singapore seeks to develop an interoperability framework, “TradeTrust”, for the exchange of digital trade documentation. This will enable a more seamless and efficient flow of goods between digitally inter-connected trading partners.

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