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Use InvoiceNow and receive a $200 transaction bonus. Large enterprises can receive up to $70,000 in grants and incentives.

What is InvoiceNow?

InvoiceNow is a nationwide e-invoicing network that enables companies of all sizes to process invoices in a more efficient manner, reducing business costs and shortening payment cycles. InvoiceNow operates on the open standard Peppol framework, which directly transmits e-invoices in a standard digital format across different finance systems.

Why InvoiceNow?

Sheng Siong InvoiceNow

Watch how InvoiceNow has enabled Sheng Siong to optimise their supply chains and increase operational efficiency to bring convenience to employees and customers alike.

InvoiceNow will help both Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Large Enterprises enjoy smoother Invoicing, faster digital payments, and a better way to save the environment.

Faster invoicing, quicker payment

Join these businesses who are already benefitting from using InvoiceNow.

InvoiceNow for businesses

Getting connected to InvoiceNow is straightforward. You may not need to change your accounting or finance system.

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For small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

For SMEs with an existing accounting or finance solution

  • Step 1: Check if your finance or accounting solution is Peppol-ready and listed on IMDA’s pre-approved e-invoicing solution provider list.
  • Step 2: Get your Peppol-ready e-invoicing solution provider to activate the InvoiceNow feature on your existing solution.
  • Step 3: You are ready to InvoiceNow! Send and receive invoices directly through your finance or accounting system.

For SMEs without an existing accounting or finance solution

You can consider these free solutions with basic InvoiceNow capabilities.

For large enterprises

Get in touch with an IMDA pre-approved Access Point Provider to help you connect to the Peppol Network.

Find out more about the grants and incentives you are eligible for when you connect your system to InvoiceNow and start transacting.

InvoiceNow Enterprise Clinic

  • The complimentary clinic session provides attendees with a comprehensive understanding of InvoiceNow, and to equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary to ensure a smooth transition to InvoiceNow. Both the Finance and IT personnels are highly encouraged to attend the session together.
  • Click here to access the registration link for InvoiceNow Enterprise Clinic (Each company may register a maximum of 3 participants for the session)

InvoiceNow Accelerate for newly incorporated businesses

InvoiceNow Accelerate is a newly launched programme in April 2024 to provide newly incorporated businesses a head-start in their digitalisation journey with one year of free InvoiceNow services.

The programme supports the growth of these businesses* by equipping them with basic digital tools in e-invoicing from the onset. They will be able to enjoy all the benefits of using InvoiceNow services, which include streamlining invoice processing, accelerating payment cycles and reducing paper usage.

Starting from Apr 2024, newly incorporated businesses (with their Corppass activated from 1 Apr 2024 onwards) will receive a notification from IMDA where they can subscribe for complimentary InvoiceNow services for one-year from a list of selected InvoiceNow Accelerate Solution Providers.

*Business registered with ACRA and Local companies registered with ACRA.

How to participate

  1. Businesses incorporated from 1 April 2024 who have claimed their Corppass will be notified by IMDA via email to register for the InvoiceNow Accelerate programme.
  2. Businesses can choose their preferred InvoiceNow Accelerate solution provider to enjoy one-year free InvoiceNow services. The participating solution providers are:
    • 361 Degree Consultancy Pte Ltd
    • Asian Business Software Solutions Pte Ltd
    • DataPost Pte Ltd
    • OCI System Pte Ltd
    • SESAMi (Singapore) Ptd Ltd
  3. Upon successful registration on the InvoiceNow network, businesses will receive a Peppol ID, enabling them to start sending and receiving e-invoices via InvoiceNow with their business counterparts who are also on the network.

InvoiceNow for GST-registered businesses

On 15 Apr 2024, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) announced plans for a phased adoption of InvoiceNow for GST-registered businesses (“GST InvoiceNow Requirement”). The transmission of invoice data to IRAS will be used for GST administration purposes. This marks a collaborative endeavour involving IMDA and IRAS to enhance productivity, improve compliance and reduce costs for businesses through the adoption of InvoiceNow.

To allow businesses sufficient lead time to prepare, the GST InvoiceNow Requirement will be implemented progressively as follows:

Phase IRAS requirements
From 1 May 2025 For voluntary early adoption by GST-registered businesses, as a soft launch.
From 1 Nov 2025 For newly incorporated companies that register for GST voluntarily.
From 1 Apr 2026 For all new voluntary GST-registrants.

These are companies that are incorporated within six months from the time they submit their application for GST registration.

IRAS will continue to consult industry partners on the initiative and carefully review the feedback received before announcing further details for the remaining GST-registered businesses. Businesses can seek support from IRAS or IMDA in their adoption of InvoiceNow. For more information on the implementation of InvoiceNow for GST-registered businesses, please refer to the IRAS webpage.

InvoiceNow Service Providers and GST-registered businesses can refer to the technical design documentation from IMDA to enhance their solutions for the submission of invoice data to IRAS here: InvoiceNow Technical Guidebook Page.

All service providers are required to complete the enhancements by 31 March 2025 as part of the InvoiceNow Service Provider Accreditation by IMDA.

InvoiceNow for government vendors

About 50% of government vendors are now registered on the nationwide e-invoicing network, InvoiceNow. The Government will implement InvoiceNow as the default e-invoice submission channel for all Government vendors who are registered businesses within the next few years and will eventually replace the Vendors@Gov portal. We strongly urge vendors who are onboard the network to start sending e-invoices through this channel and those who yet to come onboard to do so as soon as possible.

The Government will implement InvoiceNow as the default e-invoice submission channel for all Government vendors within the next few years.

Chee Hong Tat

Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Finance

How to use InvoiceNow as a government vendor?

As a government vendor, you can adopt InvoiceNow via the following ways:

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For small and medium enterprise government vendors

Step 1: Check the list of InvoiceNow solutions (54.34KB) supporting Accountant-General’s Department (AGD)’s requirements to know if your current finance or accounting solution is listed.

Step 2: Approach your solution provider to activate the InvoiceNow feature on your existing solution.

Step 3: Refer to the guides from your solution provider on how you can send an e-invoice via InvoiceNow to AGD directly from your finance or accounting system.

For large enterprise government vendors

Approach an IMDA pre-approved Access Point Provider to help you get connected to the Peppol Network.

There is a LEAD Connect Grant of $30k that is applicable to large enterprises with their own finance/ ERP solution to help subsidise the implementation costs.

Find out more about InvoiceNow

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