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Becoming an Access Point Provider

Access Point Providers (Service Providers) are responsible for creating and maintaining the connectivity gateways that function as access nodes on the e-invoicing network, compliance to the Peppol standards, routing of invoices to the correct destination APs, as well as for registering and updating Participant details in the Singapore SMP. Service Providers intending to provide Peppol Access Point services may apply to IMDA by writing in to for more information on the application. 

Access Point Providers who want to provide Peppol Access Point services to Singapore businesses must use the CorpPass Know Your Customer (KYC) function which is integrated to the Singapore SMP, to register Singapore businesses. Please refer to the FAQ (316.02KB) for CorpPass KYC. Service Providers may also share with their businesses the CorpPass KYC Infographics (1.58MB) to guide them on how to use CorpPass to authorise the registration on the Singapore SMP.

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