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SG Digital Leadership Accelerator

About the SG Digital Leadership Accelerator

SG Digital Leadership Accelerator aims to bring leaders at different stages of their career together so they can support one another on their professional and personal leadership journeys. Up-and-coming Singaporean SG Digital Leaders will have mentorship and peer coaching opportunities by drawing on the experience of established industry leaders. SG Digital Scholars will gain overseas exposure that is relevant to their leadership progression.

SG Digital Scholarship

Whether at the Undergraduate or Postgraduate level, SG Digital Scholars can chart their own tech- or media-related path and serve their bond in any organisation and industry of their choice. Apply for the SG Digital Scholarship now and shape your future.
The SG Digital Scholarship (Undergraduate) is an industry scholarship for Singaporeans with a strong interest in a tech- or media-related career, and are looking for (or currently pursuing) an undergraduate tech- or media-related degree at a local or overseas university.
The SG Digital Scholarship (Postgraduate) is an industry scholarship for Singaporeans who are keen on pursuing their tech- or media-related studies at the Masters or PhD level, in specialised areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Analytics.

SG Digital Leaders

The SG Digital Leaders programme is a leadership development initiative that co-funds and co-develops future leaders in the tech and media sector together with the private sector employers. Explore the SG Digital Leaders programme benefits in detail.

SG Digital Young Leaders

The SG Digital Young Leaders programme is a talent development initiative that provides top students from autonomous universities with opportunities to develop future-ready skills and connect with a network of industry leaders. Explore the SG Digital Young Leaders programme benefits in detail.

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