Career Conversion Programme (CCP) are career conversion programmes targeted at Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs), including mid-career switchers, to undergo skills conversion and move into new occupations or sectors that have good prospects and opportunities for progression.
  • Place-and-Train: PMET is hired by a participating employer before undergoing training to take on new job role.
  • Attach-and-Train: PMET is provided with training and work attachments, in advance of job placement, through industry partners in growth sectors with good future job opportunities.
  • Redeployment/Job Redesign (JR) Reskilling: Targeted at companies that are undergoing business transformation, and where their existing PMET workers are at risk of redundancy or in vulnerable jobs due to the transformation. These PMETs will be provided with training to take on new job roles or redesigned job roles within the same company.
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Examples of CCP roles available:

  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Full Stack Web Developer
  • Infocomm Sales and Marketing Specialist
  • Innovation and Project Manager
  • IT System Support Engineer
  • AI Solutions Developer
  • IT Desktop Support Executive
  • Data Analyst
  • Digital Sales Executive
  • Salesforce Platform Professionals

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For Employers

Hire New Employees

Hire and train career switchers for entry-level tech roles


  • Provides support for companies to hire and train career switchers to take on entry-level tech roles such as digital marketing specialist, database administrator and network engineer.
  • Employees will undergo structured and on-the-job training as part of their training programme.


Salary support of up to 90% of monthly salary (capped at $6,000 per month, per employee) and course fee support of up to 90%.