Tech Immersion and Placement Programme (TIPP)

What is it

The Tech Immersion and Placement Programme (TIPP) mainly aims to convert non-ICT professionals into industry-ready ICT professionals. They will be required to find placement in tech job roles, after undergoing a short intensive and immersive training programme delivered by industry practitioners.


These immersive training courses or mentorship & coaching programmes lead to the creation of an impressive portfolio, allows interaction with leading experts in the respective fields and prepare Singaporeans for roles in the ICT industry such as web developers, agile software developers, mobile app developers, user experience designers, and data analysts.

Individuals qualified for the courses supported under the Tech Immersion and Placemment programme will enjoy a subsidised course fee.

Infocomm Media inspires Success

Find out Arif Rahman's journey from the field of hairstyling hair to computer programming through TIPP 



Your feedback matters to us.

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For enquiries

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For Employers

Hire New Employees

Hire industry-ready ICT professionals for entry-level tech roles


Allows companies to recruit from a pool of trained ICT professionals who have undergone 3 to 4 months of immersive bootcamp-like training in the areas of data science, software development, user experience design and digital marketing.

These professionals are ready to take on in-demand entry-level tech roles such as agile software developer, mobile app developer, user experience designer, and data analyst.


Access to a pool of industry-ready, entry-level ICT professionals to meet your hiring needs.

For Training Providers

Please email to find out how you can be part of Tech Immersion and Placement Programme (TIPP)