TS Media Freelancers is jointly developed by IMDA with Tripartite Partners MOM, NTUC, SNEF, and supported by TAFEP


The project-based nature of the media industry lends itself to freelancing. It is common for companies to procure the services of media freelancers to meet the needs of the specific projects. 

The Tripartite Standard on Procurement of Services from Media Freelancers (TS Media Freelancers) sets out to promote stronger working relationships between companies and media freelancers. By implementing these standards, companies will distinguish themselves as progressive hirers that freelancers look for. 

The following four actions that are stipulated in the TS Media Freelancers are:
  • Written Contract
    Written contracts are agreed upon and acknowledged by both parties before media freelancers start their service. Key contract terms to be included are outlined in the standard.
  • Timely Payment
    Media freelancers are paid based on the agreed payment period when payment milestones are met (as stipulated in the written contract).
  • Dispute Resolution
    Disputes between parties are resolved via negotiation and mediation first before pursuing other dispute resolution channels.
  • Insurance
    When media freelancers are required to offer their services on set and/or location specified by the company, they must be covered in the companies’ insurance for production equipment, commercial general liability and work-related accident insurance.
For the full TS Media Freelancers, please click HERE

For Media Freelancers

While freelance media professionals are not required to sign up to the TS Media Freelancers, we urge you to also show your commitment to these industry best practices:

  • Sign a contract with clear terms of service before you start your service
  • Submit your invoice upon meeting the agreed deliverable, in a timely manner
  • Explore negotiation and mediation first to resolve disputes
  • Get adequate personal insurance coverage

For Companies

Companies can adopt the TS Media Freelancers at any time HERE.
By adopting the standard, companies signal their intention and commitment to treat media freelancers fairly when buying their services.

If you have more questions, you can refer to the FAQs HERE