WritersLab is an inaugural programme of the Story Lab by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA). Organised by LASALLE College of the Arts (LASALLE), this intensive scriptwriting programme aims to push the boundaries of scriptwriting and storytelling for television and online platforms by nurturing and developing the skills of committed Singaporean film and television writers. 

After a rigorous selection process by an appointed panel of industry experts, eight participants were selected for the 10-week programme, featuring: 
  • Script development supervision and classroom instruction by Shari Goodhartz, Project Director of international repute 
  • Three workshops and tutorials with visiting experts Sophia Wellington, Jonathan Lim and Cynthia Hsiung.
Participants of the programme will be able to sharpen their writing skills and acquire international best practices through personalised guidance. Up to three scripts will be produced and premiered on Toggle.  

Steve Golden, Director, Division of Industry and Community Engagement, LASALLE
Shari Goodhartz, Project Director
“WritersLab has been a great case study for how LASALLE, as a leading arts college, can use its creative resources to build capacity and improve industry standards. The pilot programme has helped our eight participants move toward a level of excellence that will surely impact the quality of content we see on local television and online platforms.”
Multi-award nominated writer whose works include Star Trek: The Next Generation, Dragonheart: A New Beginning and animation series Aeon Flux and Raw Toonage. 

“Every one of the WritersLab participants has shown me a deep capacity to tap into their own hearts and minds with the goal of connecting with TV viewers in Singapore in ways that are essentially, and specifically, Singaporean. At the same time, all of their work contains the promise to reach a broader Southeast Asian audience… and beyond.”
Sophia Wellington, Visiting expert for Character and Plot 
Jonathan Lim, Visiting Expert for Dialogue  
Script consultant, writer and teacher with over twenty years of experience in the film industry, spanning a wide range of projects from high budget Hollywood features to low budget Singaporean dramas. 

“The quality of work produced was impressive: the writers not only demonstrating great storytelling skills but also a professional ability to develop ideas on a tight schedule. WritersLab has highlighted the wealth of talent to be found in Singapore; it was a pleasure to work with such capable writers.”  
Actor, playwright & director who graduated from Sydney’s National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), and is the creator of Singapore’s longest-running live parody sketch show Chestnuts, which is currently in its 17th year. 

“It's thrilling to see such a talented group of new writers having their minds blown, comfort zones evacuated, habits broken and creative powers unleashed. Shari Goodhartz is a dynamo, and her passion fires them up, and I look forward to helping to stoke those flames and seeing them burn bright for Singapore – for many years and scripts to come.” 
Cynthia Hsiung, Visiting Expert for Production 
Award-winning director, producer and writer in television, digital media and film who has worked for MTV, VH1, Fox Kids Network, HBO, NBC and Warner Bros. Online. 

“The WritersLab programme provides an excellent training and opportunity for aspiring new writers entering the exciting world of creating dramatic narrative series. Script writing is best when taught by professionals in the industry and the WritersLab programme has accomplished exactly that.”  

WritersLab Participants 

Adeline Foo, Best-selling author and a Tiger Mom
Francis Lau, Writer/Film Director and die-hard soccer fan
“I had the idea to work on a story that had seen very little exposure. Getting accepted into WritersLab provided a supportive and enriching platform to workshop my writing. I owe it to the trainer, Shari Goodhartz, and my classmates, to make this a really strong story to tell.”
“WritersLab I believe will be that platform that will help facilitate my search for a meaningful and entertaining story. The creative process and rigour of revising a draft has broadened my vision, and helped strengthen my voice as a writer.”  
Joanne Teo, Writer-Director
Karl Gan, Comedy writer and horror aficionado
“Most other writing programmes end with an option to write a script, if at all, for feedback. But WritersLab is different. It is a concept to pitch course, with a possibility of being selected for a produced pilot.”  “Having had the perspective of using storytelling as a marketing tool, I wanted to expand my skills into developing creative content for television and the digital media space. I hope to gain knowledge through learning from the best, and be able to apply my abilities in new ways that I believe will bring Singapore's stories to a new level.”
Lim Jen Nee, Producer and workaholic
 S. Mickey Lin, Storyteller and cinephile
jeeNee_WritersLab  Mickey_WritersLab
“I joined WritersLab to learn to create authentic and better stories and characters for the screen. Shari and the visiting experts gave us extremely helpful and thoughtful tools to dive deep into character development. I'm definitely getting what I asked for and so much more!” “An amazing experience! I'm blown away by the compelling stories in this IMDA Story Lab initiative and the feedback that we've received from Shari. WritersLab has exceeded my expectations and I hope that we'll be able to keep pushing the boundaries of scriptwriting here in Singapore.”
Wang Chu Qiao, Writer and aspiring cook
Wong Oi Shan, Freelance writer and professional tortoise observer
ChuQiao_WritersLab  OiShan_WritersLab
“I hope it will be the space to hothouse and sharpen my work, shaping my story for audiences on a media platform I have not written for. YET.” "I saw this as a wonderful opportunity to hone my craft as a writer. In particular, my skills with dialogue and plot. I hope that what I learn through this workshop will open more doors for me in future.”