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The applications for WritersLab 2020 is now closed.

What is it

WritersLab is a programme under the Story Lab initiative. Organised by LASALLE, this intensive scriptwriting programme aims to push the boundaries of scriptwriting and storytelling for television and online platforms by nurturing and developing the skills of committed Singaporean writers.

WritersLab 2020 will run from June - mid-September 2020.

Who is it for

  • Passionate and committed writers looking to improve on their scriptwriting skills


Participants of the programme will be able to:
  1. Sharpen their story development, scriptwriting, and show running skills
  2. Receive personalised guidance from international and local experts
  3. Pitch story ideas for potential series development and production
  4. Participate in WritersLab: Script to Screen Programme
  5. Applicants who are Media Freelancers* or Full-time Employees on no-pay leave will be eligible for a monthly allowance of S$800
    *Media Freelancer
    1. A person who does not have a contract of service with an employer
    2. Operates his/her own media service business or trade without hiring any employees
    3. He / She negotiates his/her own terms and benefits with clients, and it is clearly state in the contract that it is his/her service as an individual that is being procured for all intents and purposes
    4. He /She can either operate as individual or have an Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (CRA) registered entity such as sole proprietorship, limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, partnerships, and companies, where such entity does not hire any employees

For enquiries

For more information, please write in to Writerslab@lasalle.edu.sg

Past participants' bios and loglines

Find out past participants' bios and loglines below:

Testimonials from past participants

WritersLab 2019 Participant: Jasmin

WritersLab 2019 Participant: Roshan

WritersLab 2019 Participant: Ming See

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