Participants' bios and loglines of their projects

WritersLab 2019 participant - Ernie Loh
Ernie Loh

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Ernie have studied in Shanghai, Switzerland and Singapore with a career doing projects in Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. He is skilled in managing teams and creates presentations and proposals suitable for startups or businesses seeking to establish different organisational goals.With his long desire to write and go into film, he is now going after these interests and have joined WritersLab2019.

Title of Script: Gamer
Logline: After enduring years of bullying at home and school, Gwen dives deep into the competitive world of gaming. Balancing the online world would prove just as challenging to manage and navigate as she makes crucial choices to balance the two clashing cultures in her hunt for success.
WritersLab 2019 participant - Lee Chee Keng
Lee Chee Keng

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Chee Keng have been teaching in these areas: Arts/Humanities/Acting throughout his career, while directing/writing/performing plays.His latest work was a TV series Love Voyage (Mandarin), which he wrote and produced, that was premiered on 17th Feb 2019 on Channel 8 and can be viewed on Toggle.

Title of Script: -to be updated-
Logline: Go-getter property agent, Rick, discovers he can hear spirits. He immediately recognizes a lucrative niche career in selling un-haunted properties if he perfects the ability and persuade spirits in haunted properties. While working on his special skills, he comes close to being trapped in one of the spirit’s energy field, but a faint human energy field guides him back to safety. Rick must build stronger connection with the human energy field or risks being trapped.
WritersLab 2019 participant - Ong Xiao Wei
Ong Xiao Wei

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Xiao Wei is a scriptwriter, specifically in Chinese dramas. Since her graduation from NUS in a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, she has been conceptualising and scripting dramas and clips for Mediacorp. She has earned herself notable achievements in her career as a scriptwriter, like winning the Singapore Star Awards Best Drama in 2018 for a drama she participated in scripting, as well as getting 3rd prize in the Central Narcotics Bureau Singapore Video competition.

Title of Script: Young At Soul
Logline: Ill-mannered Angela exchanges bodies with her grandma as a punishment by Cannot, a righteous supernatural being who works as grandma’s temporary caregiver. While grandma takes full advantage of her second chance at youth and puppy love, Angela remains trapped in the old body and hopes to switch back. However, that will never happen unless Angela learns her lesson and improves her behavior till she meets Cannot’s expectations.
WritersLab 2019 participant - Roshan Singh
Roshan Singh

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Roshan is a fresh graduate, trained in creative writing (fiction, nonfiction, playwriting) and has a wealth of experience as an educator and self-employed composer.

He was awarded the Yale-NUS Outstanding Capstone Award for his thesis project, Temujin, a full-length play that draws from recent groundbreaking research in Mongolian history and the early life of Genghis Khan. He also co-managed a successful crowdfunding campaign to adapt it into a serialised audio drama, which raised $10,300 in 30 days.

Title of Script: Black Opal
Logline: After poor health forces her out of medical school, a driven young woman tries to use her newfound hypnotic ability to regain control of her life. Unfortunately, she doesn’t quite know how to use it yet – and when her unique skill-set catches the eye of a functionally immortal body-hopper, it may be the only thing that can keep her safe.
WritersLab 2019 participant - Sean Chua Wei Ming
Sean Chua Wei Ming

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From a writer, to head-of-concept, to creative director, Sean has gained experience in simplifying a story and managing a production team. He has experience in producing 2D cartoons, 3D Cartoon TV series, Corporate videos, Interactive videos, and Cartoon explainer videos.

Title of Script: Retrogate
Logline: A teenage boy remembers his past lives, but just wants to live his own.
WritersLab 2019 participant - Vanessa Ng
Vanessa Ng

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With her experience in prose, poetry and playwriting, Vanessa is experienced in strategising bite-sized content. Her short story was adapted into an animation and screened in Singapore, France and Ukraine in 2015.

Title of Script: Living Quarters
Logline: Triggered to get her life together on her 25th birthday, Chloe, a Singaporean, needs to reunite her fighting grandparents, find love, and figure out her marketing career. Many absurdities complicate the journey, featuring a temperamental moon deity impishly messing with her life, a psychic seeking revenge, an unexpected love interest, over the top office drama, and much much more. Her only solace lies in the mentorship from her dead dog, Corgi the Corgi.
WritersLab 2019 participant - Jasmin Wong
Jasmin Wong Pei Yun

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Being Founder and Director of Taugeh Productions, Jasmin sets the company’s direction, curate material for curriculum, and design specialised training for facilitators for youths in the pursuit of telling meaningful stories.

Title of Script: Duty 责
Logline: With growing pressures from her husband and parents to have a child, 33 year-old psychologist, Lisa Cheong, is pushed to re-evaluate herresponsibilities as daughter and wife. Battling with a mounting familydebt, a failing marriage, and religious values that she is ambivalentabout, Lisa finds solutions that will come back to haunt her.
Ong Yu Qi
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Yu Qi is currently a junior writer and producer at a local film production house, The Creative Room. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Security, her sociological background has stimulated her to develop an ethnographic interest in different cultures and social behaviours.

Her notable achievements include starting a community zine “Kampung: Jurong 2019” that received the National Youth Council’s Young Changemakers (YCM) fund and is supported by Bold at Work. In 2017, she wrote, directed and edited “Changes” a short film that was shortlisted under the Best Screenplay category on cINE65.

Title of Script: TimeQuest 8619
Logline: A groundbreaking time-travelling technology is discovered, only to fall into the hands of a precocious student from 1988 and a clueless gamer from 2021 who will have to unravel the mystery behind their connection.
Is she ready to play?

Chung Ming See
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With a strong passion in storytelling, Ming See have been taking up courses aside from her full-time career as an English and Literature teacher.She completed a Writer-in-Residence poetry masterclass at University of York in 2010, as well as a scriptwriting course with OBJECTIFS in 2017.

Title of Script: State of Our Future
Logline:Howie, a meticulous public servant who works at the Future Solutions Office (F.S.O.) in the city of Myopia in the year 2099, has his world turned upside down when the Floating Urban Island project he conceptualised unexpectedly sinks to the ground and kills the city’s last surviving female frog, causing him to be labelled as a Speciesist. To salvage his reputation, he teams up with two reluctant colleagues from the Future Solutions Support Office (F.S.S.O.) and the Future Solutions Support Supervision Office (F.S.S.S.O) – and in the process, is forced to navigate the dysfunctional utopia he has helped to create.
Grace Song
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Grace Song is a multidisciplinary artist and a film-maker who graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and Loughborough University in 2016. She has directed, art directed and edited various short-films and videos, and wishes to pursue her passion of making films and video installations.

Over the years, she has took on various freelance projects for many companies like Bobbing Buoy Films and mm2 Entertainment to name a few. Her latest project would be the film “Momento – Islandeer”, which she directed, wrote and edited.

Title of Script: Neighbourhood
Logline: Yeye, a rich, retired, CEO facing bankruptcy and eviction lies about having dementia in order to move in with his son, Papa, and his children. Mayhem ensues as Yeye discovers that the neighbourhood is more than what meets the eye — a bird who has a man trapped in its cage, a bubble boy in a litter carried by a fleet of maids, a void deck that spews out random objects -- a plethora of zany residents. Pickled with the curse to keep up with his lies, Yeye furthermore takes up the challenge to elevate his uncivilised family into a classier lifestyle, all while assimilating into an eccentric neighbourhood. Ironically, the outrageous neighbourhood has more to teach Yeye as he learns that home is where the heart is.
Hazel Leong
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With a BFA in Art, Design and Media, Hazel have been pursuing her career in writing. She has wrote 2 short films in 2018 which was submitted for cINE65 and screened at Utter: Redux 2018 respectively. She was the co-writer for her latest project, KIKI, a toggle web series.

Title of Script: WILD
Logline: To avoid prosecution, petty thief Kylie Wu is forced to enrol in a radical reformation programme that confronts man’s darkest instincts through dream manipulation. However, the programme’s twisted agenda might just unleash a greater evil that lurks in the recesses of the participants’ minds.
Philip Greenall
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After spending a career unfulfilled, Philip has returned to writing via poetry in the recent years. He has since published three books of poetry through Kindle/Amazon, spent time writing a play, and developed ideas for ten short stories.

Title of Script: Dead-Head
Logline: Almost broken by the trauma of being able to communicate with the dead, middle-aged alcoholic, Tony, escapes to Singapore. Much to his anger, he finds himself targeted by deceased young woman, Alice, harassing him to help solve her mysterious death. If she is to pass on to the afterlife, he’ll have to journey into a world darker and more dangerous than he could ever have imagined, one from which he may not return.