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Blockchain Challenge

last updated 28 May 2018

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) believes there is room to accelerate growth in blockchain, or other distributed ledger technologies, to help enable a Digital Economy for a Smart Nation. As such, IMDA is launching a challenge for companies to develop pioneering solutions using blockchain beyond financial applications.

Blockchain Challenge

IMDA’s Blockchain Challenge aims to promote awareness and adoption of the technology; and encourage companies to explore business model innovation and/or transformation arising from the technology.

Through its Blockchain Challenge, participants are challenged to produce successful Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) or Proofs-of-concept (POCs) solving industry-facing challenges.

Participants can choose from two project categories:

  1. Enterprise – Projects that have the potential to improve operational efficiency, e.g. process enhancement, automation of manual tasks, reduction of reconciliation tasks; or

  2. Transformation – Projects that have the potential to enable business model innovation, or have implications in how businesses, Government and society interact, and are associated with institutional change.

The Blockchain Challenge is now closed. However, companies that are keen to participate in future runs of the IMDA Blockchain Challenge may register under the “Call for Companies Looking to Explore Blockchain”, or “Call for Blockchain Solutions Providers” so that they can be updated of IMDA’s subsequent Blockchain initiatives.

Call for Companies Looking to Explore Blockchain

As part of our continuous effort to grow the awareness and adoption of blockchain, IMDA would like to invite companies that are keen to explore the application of blockchain in their business environment to register with IMDA, so that we can reach out to you to explore related engagements.

Select “Register my company’s interest to explore blockchain” from the form below.

Call for Blockchain Solutions Providers

IMDA would also like to invite companies who are providers of blockchain or other distributed ledger technologies to register with IMDA, so that we can reach out to you to explore related engagements.

Select “Register my company as a solution provider of blockchain or distributed ledger technology” from the form below.

Thank you for taking time to read this page. We would like to invite you to share your views through the below survey.

If you have any enquiries on this initiative, please contact DLT@imda.gov.sg.