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Open Innovation Platform

last updated 08 May 2019

The Open Innovation Platform (OIP) is a virtual crowd-sourcing platform that connects problem owners and problem solvers, enabling enterprises with complex business challenges to develop innovative solutions by collaborating with start-ups, companies and research institutes with ICM expertise in different fields.

The OIP is a virtual crowd-sourcing platform that connects and matches real business challenges or digitalisation opportunities of Problem Owners to Problem Solvers.

IMDA will launch Innovation Calls on the OIP every few months. Each Innovation Call comprises a set of challenges from different Problem Owners from different sectors. Each challenge is accompanied with prize monies for the best solutions that are selected based on the criteria of Problem Owners.

All Enterprises, ICM start-ups and innovators are eligible to participate in OIP as Problem Owners, Problem Solvers, or Both.

Problem Owners should have an unsolved business challenge, and be willing to put up prize money for quality and innovative ideas.

Problem Solvers should have digital technology expertise and innovation capabilities, and an interest to co-innovate with potential customers or partners in Singapore.

Problem Owners on the OIP benefit from gaining access to a large community of Solvers with multi-disciplinary expertise, and can crowdsource for innovative ideas to support their digitalisation needs. A structured and iterative open innovation process facilitated by IMDA reduces their search costs and expands overall innovation capacity.

Problem Solvers who are part of the OIP benefit from having visibility of potential customers and curated problem statements. They have opportunity to apply to challenges, win prize monies, and co-innovate with Problem Owners to develop, validate and test their solutions. If successful, winning Solvers are also able to go on to commercialise and go to market jointly with Problem Owners, who may serve as reference customers for Singapore or the region.

Frequently Asked Questions: www.openinnovation.sg/platform/faq

For more information, please contact info@openinnovation.sg

Register at https://www.openinnovation.sg

For more information, please contact info@openinnovation.sg