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Open Innovation Platform

last updated 24 May 2018

The Open Innovation Platform (OIP) is a virtual crowd-sourcing platform that connects problem owners and problem solvers, enabling enterprises with complex business challenges to develop innovative solutions by collaborating with start-ups, companies and research institutes with ICM expertise in different fields.

What will the Open Innovation Platform (OIP) do?

It is a crowd-sourcing platform that bridges Problem Owners with Problem Solvers.

It is underpinned by a structured process that guides and supports the innovation pathway from ideation to deployment, and draws on the participation and interactions among an innovative ecosystem.

OIP Process

Innovate with us!

You are our Problem Owner

  • If you are looking to digitalise and have a defined business need and you are willing to put up a prize award for it to be solved
  • Besides looking within your organisation, you want to access an external community of multi-disciplinary talent, expertise and technologies to source for high-quality and innovative ideas
  • You are interested to accelerate the pace, reduce the risk and cost of developing new digital products and services by working with external partners

Innovation Pathway

You are our Problem Solver

  • If you are a company, research provider or individual with ICM expertise
  • You are interested to have access to the business needs and problem statements of customers in different sectors
  • You are keen to co-innovate with Problem Owners and other technology providers on multi-disciplinary and complex problems

Be our Enabler

  • If you have a platform or resources to support the development and commercialisation of the solutions.

Register with us here or email us at OPEN_INNOVATION@imda.gov.sg if you have any queries!