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Consumer Broadband

Have you ever felt that the broadband speeds that you are experiencing do not quite match up to the speeds advertised by Internet Service Providers (ISPs)?

To promote greater transparency and accountability in the provision of broadband services, operators will be required to publish the typical speeds, according to IMDA’s regulations, that consumers can expect to experience on top of the theoretical maximum speeds.

This information will be published on the ISPs’ websites and other advertising materials. This will give you a clearer indication of the download speeds you can expect and allow you to make better-informed choices if you are looking to subscribe to an Internet broadband plan.

However, consumers are also advised to take note that there are many factors affecting the broadband speeds which could be beyond the ISPs’ control, such as the capability of the equipment used by the end-user, the location of websites being accessed, the bandwidth provided by the website administrator, the level of congestion on the Internet, and the types of applications used.