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Infocomm Regulation

More choices, no bill shocks and better protection all round for consumers – these are some of the goals of policies and regulations developed by IMDA to create a conducive infocomm environment that is both pro-consumer and pro-business.

Since Singapore’s telecommunication sector was fully liberalised in 2000, consumers have been enjoying a greater range of service offerings at competitive prices from various service providers.

To ensure the continued vibrancy of the consumer infocomm landscape, IMDA monitors consumer feedback and takes proactive steps to safeguard consumer interests so that you can continue to enjoy more choices and better-quality services at reasonable prices.

Some of the measures that have been taken by IMDA include raising the minimum Quality of Service standards for 3G mobile services, barring Premium Rate Services (PRS), limiting data roaming charges and requiring service providers to publish typical broadband speeds on top of theoretical speeds so that consumers can make better-informed choices when subscribing to service plans.