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No more bill shocks when you use your smart phone for data services overseas.

Since 1 February 2012, consumers have been able to access a Data Roaming Bill Cap service to suspend their data roaming service when the charges reach a maximum of S$100 every billing month.

Consumers are also able to deactivate/reactivate data roaming more easily. Apart from switching off the data roaming feature in your smartphone while overseas, you can also deactivate the data roaming service prior to leaving Singapore and reinstate the data service when you return.

In line with its commitment to protecting consumer interests and promoting fair competition in the telecommunications industry, mobile operations will be required to obtain explicit consent from consumers before providing them with any roaming services, including data roaming services, according to IMDA’s regulations. Operators are also required to direct consumers to the prices, terms, and conditions of the roaming services, enabling consumers to make informed choices about whether or not to subscribe to such services. These measures build on earlier regulatory moves by IMDA and contribute to a more transparent and consumer-friendly telecommunications landscape in Singapore.