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Premium Rate Services

Find out what are Premium Rate Services, and avoid unexpected mobile charges caused by these services. Get easy-to-follow guidelines and regulations set by IMDA for Premium Rate Services in Singapore.

Premium Rate Services are mobile content services such as ringtone/game downloads, quiz services, news services, chatlines which are usually subscribed (and un-subscribed) to via SMS sent to a shortcode 14607XXXX.

To avoid unwanted mobile charges caused by Premium Rate Services (PRS), you can opt for a PRS barring service which will enable you to stop sending/receiving chargeable PRS offered by third-party providers. This measure is aimed at protecting consumers, particularly children, from activating chargeable mobile content services.

Once you activate the PRS barring service, you will not be able to send or receive any chargeable PRS. This means that you can neither subscribe to, nor receive, any chargeable PRS, and more importantly, not be billed for them, even in the event of accidental subscription. Parents will no longer have to worry about children who may be attracted to contests received via SMS and sign up for PRS without fully understanding them.