Talent Progression Programme: Content Development


The Talent Progression Programme: Content Development grant supports the production of content projects that provide quality roles for local media professionals in order to build up their portfolio and experience.

Who can apply?

For Long-form Content:

Singapore-registered companies that engage in info-communications, media and related activities; and have adopted the Tripartite Standard on the Procurement of Services from Media Freelancers.


For Short-form Content:

Individuals who are Singapore Citizens / Singapore PR, in the capacity of the Producer of the Project.

What IMDA/SFC supports

TPP: Content Development is applicable to the following categories of content projects:

  • Long-form Content – New Director: feature film projects of at least 70 minutes with a first or second-time feature film Director.

  • Long-form Content – Southeast Asia Co-Production: feature film projects of at least 70 minutes which originate from the Southeast Asia (SEA) region, and are in collaboration with a Singapore Producer - Please view an introduction to the grant here (please note the grant name has been changed to Long-form Content - Southeast Asia Co-Production).

  • Long-form Content – General: other long-form content such as feature films of at least 70 minutes and episodic series.

  • Short-form Content: short film or video content that does not exceed 40 minutes.


IMDA/SFC will support Qualifying Costs that are directly linked to the Project, and contribute significantly to the Project. At least 50% of the Grant must be used to support local Qualifying Costs.


The categories of Qualifying Costs include:

  • Manpower
  • Professional Services
  • Equipment (Hardware / Software)

*IMDA/SFC will assess and determine the final grant amount upon successful application and approval of the project.

How to apply?

Application guidelines and Call-for-Proposals (CFP) dates can be found here.

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Last updated on: 03 Aug 2021