Wireless@SG for Consumers


The Wireless@SG SSID/network will be progressively phased out from 12 Oct 2020. The turn off is intended to improve the overall security of the Wireless@SG service. Users are encouraged to switch to and use the more secured Wireless@SGx SSID for internet access.


Only users who are connecting via the Wireless@SG SSID will be affected by this exercise. No further action is required for existing users of Wireless@SGx as these users would already be able to connect to Wireless@SGx for their internet access.


You may refer to the FAQ for more information. Wireless@SG related questions can be found under “Home -> Tips and Guides for Consumer -> Wireless@SG”.

Connecting to Wireless@SGx

Download the Wireless@SGx App to configure your device for automatic login to Wireless@SGx.

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User Guides


Click here (1.24MB) to download the list of Wireless@SG hotspots and information on the locations provided by our operators.

Contact Operators

Please do not hesitate to contact the Wireless@SG operators for more information or technical assistance.

Safe Surfing Tips

When using Wireless@SG or any other wireless networks available, consumers need to be aware of cyber-attacks that make use of wireless connections and take simple measures to prevent such threats. 

For more tips on online safe surfing, please visit the following URL: https://www.csa.gov.sg/gosafeonline

SMS Feedback

Quick feedback through SMS? Simply follow the format and send it to 79777: 

IMDA<space>Email<space>Your comments 

Example: IMDA user_email@mail.com Cannot connect to Wireless@SG at <Specific Location> 
*SMS length to be within 160 characters. 


Last updated on: 12 Jan 2021