Issued Date: 16/02/2000

Decision Date: 30/11/2000

Proposed Approach to Fixed-Wireless Broadband Network Deployment and Service Provisioning in Singapore
Fixed-Wireless Broadband Network & Services (29.44KB)

Please be informed that the deadline for the submission of comments has been extended from 31 March 2000 to 7 April 2000. All views and comments should be submitted in writing and in both hard copy and soft copy (Word 97 format), and should reach the IDA on or before 7 April 2000. Respondents are required to include their personal/company particulars as well as the correspondence address in their submissions. Hard copies of comments and views should be addressed to:

Ms Ng Cher Keng
Director (Policy)
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
35 Robinson Road
Singapore 068876
Fax: (65) 6323-1486


Please send the soft copies to

Teledesic (33.20KB)
Marconi (707.28KB)
Millicom International (623.91KB)
Newbridge (62.34KB)
NTU (12.09KB)
DataOne Ltd (144.54KB)
Winstar (61.63KB)
Motorola and SpectraPoint (52.92KB)
Commverge Solutions & Triton Network Systems
Response - Commverge Solutions & Triton Network Systems (36.74KB)
Response - Commverge Trition - CPNArchi (30.02KB)
Response - Commverge Triton - DenseDep (31.05KB)
Response - Commverge Triton - Triton10 (443.66KB)
Response - Commverge Triton - TritonSO (710.93KB)
Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (36.10KB)
Alcatel (44.22KB)
Nortel (174.37KB)
Pacific Internet Ltd (47.85KB)