In a move towards greater transparency in an open market, IMDA publicises regulatory decisions relating to the implementation and enforcement of the Telecom Competition Code 2012, Telecommunications Act, telecommunication licence conditions and other relevant telecommunication-related regulations enforceable by IMDA. The extent of information published will vary depending on the severity of the regulatory contravention and the possible impact on consumers.

Consistent with the spirit of fairness and transparency in Sub-section 1.5.6 of the Telecom Competition Code 2012, regulatory decisions publicised by IMDA will be governed by the following parameters:

  1. Publication of investigation findings and enforcement actions will serve to inform affected consumers of rectification and/or corrective measures that are taken;
  2. Investigation findings and enforcement actions involve issues that will affect the general public; and
  3. Publication would deter similar behaviour from other industry players.

Some of the legal and regulatory policy measures currently in place include:

Last updated on: 08 Jul 2019