In today's digital age, maintaining content standards is key to ensure a responsible and harmonious media environment. The IMDA regulations play an important role in guiding industry players in adhering to high-quality content, promoting a co-regulatory approach with the publications industry where industry players self-regulate. Publications and audio materials should comply with to the Undesirable Publications Act (UPA) and the relevant content guidelines.  

Content guidelines have been developed in consultation with the industry and are reviewed periodically with the Publications Consultative Panel (PCP) to reflect prevailing community standards.

View the Publications and Audio Materials Guide to find out what you need to do to import, distribute or publish such materials and for the various guidelines.

Local publications

IMDA does not pre-vet local publications. Publishers of local publications are expected to be responsible in their reporting and be mindful of local community norms, racial and religious sensitivities.

Under the NPPA, local publications which are periodicals require a NPPA (Newspaper and Printing Presses) Permit before distribution. As part of the permit condition, publishers are required to adhere to the applicable guidelines issued together with the permit. For example, local lifestyle magazines are required to comply with the Content Guidelines for Local Lifestyle Magazines.

Conditions of sale

Adult interest publications or publications with mature content should be distributed under appropriate conditions and consumer advice. Such publications must be shrink-wrapped and carry a label with the consumer advice “Unsuitable for the Young”. Please refer to the Content Guidelines for Local Lifestyle Magazines for consumer advice label specifications.

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