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Video games are becoming more complex and graphically realistic. They are no longer confined to simple games for kids, and increasingly have mature content and themes intended for adults or older gamers. Recognising this trend, the Video Games Classification system was introduced in April 2008 to provide more choices for adults while protecting the young from unsuitable games. IMDA is assisted by the Films Consultative Panel in its evaluation of video games. IMDA regulations ensure that video games are appropriately classified, allowing consumers to make informed decisions and fostering a responsible gaming environment.

Classification Ratings

The Video Games Classification System has two ratings:

Mature 18 (M18)

The Mature 18 classification rating for a film, per IMDA regulations and content standards

  • Restricted to individuals who are at least 18 years old
  • Game packaging must be affixed with M18 classification label and consumer advice
  • Distributors must ensure that the game is not distributed to those below 18

Advisory 16 (ADV16)

The Advisory 16 (ADV16) classification rating for video games, per IMDA regulations and content standards

  • Suitable for individuals who are at least 16 years old
  • Game packaging must be affixed with the ADV16 classification label with the advisory text “Suitable for 16 & Above”

For details on the content standards, please refer to the Video Game Classification Guidelines (382.92KB)

Consumer Advice

Consumer advice is provided to help the public make informed choices. These are descriptors that highlight the key content concerns found in a game, such as violence, nudity, and sexual scenes. Consumer advice and ratings should be affixed on the game packaging, and displayed on publicity materials where available.

Classification Process

Films - Workflow

View the Video Game Classification Guide to find out how to obtain a video game classification rating and how IMDA classifies video games.

To view the label specifications and download the rating markings, click on one of the following links:

Media Classification Database

The Media Classification Database provides classification information in line with content standards on films, video games, and arts entertainment events to help members of the public make informed choices on media consumption. Click here to search for classification ratings.