Service Coverage

The definition of service coverage is based on signal strength. The availability of service coverage is therefore the ability of a network in achieving a minimum signal strength of -100dBm. Of the successful calls established by the mobile networks along expressways, major and secondary roads/ streets, an average of 285,654 samples of signal strength were obtained for each network.

Call Success Rate

This indicator measures the success of a call attempt. A successful call attempt is when the calling party gets a connection to the called party either through a ringing tone or an engaged tone. The call success rate shown below is based on an average of 569 call attempts per network.

Average TroughPut Speed

This refers to the average File Transfer Protocol download speed of 5MB file from a reference server.

The results are based on tests conducted in Release 99 data throughput.

SingTel Mobile MobileOne StarHub Mobile
Average Throughput Speed 303.70kbps 170.09kbps 328.96kbps

Last updated on: 25 May 2019

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