Other economies have similarly set out electronic commerce regimes with specifications for the operations of CAs. Two such examples of the specifications are the WebTrust Program for CA version 1.0 used in Canada and United States of America, as well as the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) TS 101 456 requirements used within Europe. In recognition that many entities operate across international boundaries and may wish to have a comparision of the different regimes, the Controller of CA has commissioned a study that compares the audit requirements for a licensed CA in Singapore, which are captured in the Compliance Audit Checklist (68.82KB) for the CA accreditation framework, against the audit requirements of these regimes. Interested parties could obtain a copy of the report which highlight with explanation the areas of comparison.

The report is conducted by a third party consultant, and the Controller of CA and IDA would not owe a duty of care to any party to whom the report is distributed. The Controller of CA and IDA do not assume any responsibility or liability for any losses suffered by any party as a result of the circulation, publication, reproduction or other use of the report.

Last updated on: 30 May 2019

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