Telecommunication and radio-communication equipment to be sold for local use in Singapore is subject to equipment registration with IMDA. Prior to registering the equipment with IMDA, please ensure that the equipment complies with the relevant IMDA Standards/Technical Specifications.

There are five types of applications depending on the registration schemes and equipment types:

  1. Enhanced Simplified Equipment Registration (ESER);
  2. Simplified Equipment Registration (SER)
  3. General Equipment Registration (GER)
  4. General Equipment Registration by Certification Bodies (GER-CB)
  5. Application for Confirmation of Conformity (COFC)


The following equipment are not allowed to be registered with IMDA as they are Prohibited Telecommunication Equipment under the Third Schedule of Telecommunications (Dealers) Regulations. IMDA’s prior approval is required for the importation for use in Singapore or re-exporting of such Prohibited Telecommunication Equipment:

  1. Scanning Receivers
  2. Military Communication Equipment
  3. Telephone Voice Changing Equipment
  4. Radio-communication Equipment operating in frequency bands 880-915 MHz, 925-960 MHz, 1900-1980 MHz and 2110-2170 MHz except Cellular Mobile Phones or such other equipment approved by the Authority

Who is this for?

Companies who deal with import and sale of telecommunication equipment for local use in Singapore. Applicants applying for equipment registration must be equipment suppliers/dealers that hold valid Telecommunication Dealer’s Licence with IMDA.

 Application/Registration  Equipment Type
 Enhanced Simplified Equipment Registration (ESER)

ESER is applicable to:

  • Short range/low power devices (SRD/LPD) e.g. alarm, RFID, radio-detection, on-site paging and vehicle radar systems, remote controls, telecommand, telemetry, wireless microphone and video transmitter, wireless LAN and Bluetooth 
  • DECT Cordless Telephone, Portable mobile radio (PMR446) and multi-channel portable radio (MCR446) at less than 500 mW
  • DVB-T2 Integrated Receiver Decoder (e.g. DVB-T2 Set-top box, Integrated Digital TV, In-vehicle receiver)
  • Complex multi-line equipment (e.g. PABX, KTS, ISDN, PABX, PSTN, PLC)
 Simplified Equipment Registration (SER)

SER is applicable to:

Mobile Terminals e.g. 3G/LTE/GMPCS mobile phone

Broadband Access Equipment  e.g. ADSL, Cable Modem and CCHN equipment

 General Equipment Registration (GER)

GER is mandatory for registration of Mobile/IoT Base Station/Repeater System, Landmobile Radio/walkie-talkie, TV White Space devices, UWB, DSRC, IoT User Equipment and Short Range Devices where the operation requires IMDA’s approval

Application is also optional for equipment categories that falls under SER/ESER scheme but subject to registration fees under GER scheme.

 General Equipment Registration by Certification Bodies (GER-CB) GER-CB is applicable only to authorised CB applicant under MRA Phase II for IMDA recognised Certification Bodies to register all types of equipment.
 Application for Confirmation of Conformity (COFC) COFC is on voluntary basis is for telecommunication equipment under which no approval for sale is required (equipment exempted from registration), e.g. Facsimile Transceiver 

Equipment Registration Period and Fees

Application/Registration Registration Period Fees
 Enhanced Simplified Equipment Registration (ESER)  5 years  Free-of-charge
 Simplified Equipment Registration (SER)  5 years  $100 and $50 (Family Series Fee)
 General Equipment Registration (GER)  5 years  $350/$500 and $50 (Family Series Fee)
 General Equipment Registration by Certification Bodies (GER-CB)  5 years  $100 and $50 (Family Series Fee)
 Application for Confirmation of Conformity (COFC)  Lifetime  $100 (Self-declaration) / $350 (IMDA Evaluation)

Renewal fee, where applicable, will be $50 per renewal.

Applicable codes

How to apply?

Before submitting your online application via GoBusiness, please:

Click here to apply online via GoBusiness. 


Please call 1800 478 5478 or email us.

Last updated on: 11 Feb 2022

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