This framework outlines the procedures and requirements for the registration of telecommunication equipment for sale and use in Singapore. Details are given in the document entitled "Guide for Registration of Telecommunication Equipment".

Equipment registration is based on the submission of the Supplier's Declaration of Conformity (SDoC). The SDoC signifies that the supplier has carried out conformity assessment on the equipment to IMDA's Standards. The supplier declares equipment conformity based on results of conformity assessment, supported by test reports and technical documents.

IMDA accepts test reports, which present test results of equipment testing done according to IMDA's Standards by (i) testing labs recognised by IMDA under a phase I mutual recognition arrangement; (ii) testing labs accredited by accreditation bodies recognised by IMDA; or (iii) equipment manufacturers.

IMDA also accepts equipment certification by local or foreign certification bodies recognised by IMDA under a phase II mutual recognition arrangement.

Registration of Telecommunication Equipment


Cessation of Registration for Approval for Sale of Short Range Devices Operating in the 698 - 806 MHz Frequency Band

IMDA will be revising the service allocation for radio frequency band 698 - 806 MHz (the "Affected Band") and will stop accepting any equipment registrations (both new and renewal) for equipment operating in the Affected Band.  With effect from 14 September 2018, equipment registration will only be accepted for equipment operating in the radio frequency band 470 - 698 MHz. In addition, all sales of equipment operating in the Affected Band for use in Singapore are to cease with effect from 1 January 2019.

Equipment Registration

Equipment Registration can be made online at the GoBusines portal.

Last updated on: 20 Nov 2019