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The Information Technology Standards Committee (ITSC) is an industry-led effort, chartered to drive and lead infocomm standardisation activities in Singapore and represent Singapore in international infocomm standardisation activities. It is appointed by the Singapore Standards Council under the ambit of national standardisation programme managed by Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and jointly supported by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA).

ITSC is one of the Standards Committees under the Singapore Standards Council, and comprises more than 300 volunteers from the industry. It provides a neutral and open platform for interested industry and government parties to come together to agree on technical standards.

ITSC fulfils its role by appointing the various Technical Committees and Working Groups to develop and drive Singapore Standards to address national infocomm demands and innovation. ITSC also develops standards where no international or industry standards exist and/or recommend the adoption of international standards as Singapore Standards. The participation in local and international standardisation efforts are also done through the appointed Technical Committees and Working Groups. The Chairman of ITSC is appointed from the industry to champion and lead ITSC’s infocomm standardisation efforts for the social and economic betterment of Singapore.

ITSC structure and composition

ITSC and Secretariat

The ITSC Council (16.45KB) comprises representatives from relevant industry and trade associations, professional bodies, academia, research institutes, government agencies and individual experts. The current ITSC Chair is Mr Chak Kong Soon and Deputy Chair is Mr Harish Pillay. IMDA serves as the Secretariat of ITSC.

Technical Committees (TCs) / Working Groups (WGs)

Structure of ITSC

There are currently 8 Technical Committees (TCs) (101.81KB) under ITSC covering a range of IT-related technology domains and industries. Working Groups (WGs) are formed under the TCs to carry out specific task, such as to draft/review a Singapore standard, or to monitor international standards where highly specialized expertise is needed. It is appointed for a specific time period and will be disbanded once the project is completed.

Singapore IT standards

Singapore Standards (SS) are nationally recognised documents which are established by broad consensus. Technical References (TR) are pre-Singapore Standards which are developed to address urgent industry needs. They would be implemented and subsequently reviewed for suitability to become a Singapore Standard.

To date, about 35 IT standards (SS/TR) (84.10KB) have been established by ITSC.

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Participation in international standardisation

ITSC participates actively in international standards forum (369.66KB), in particular, ISO/IEC JTC 1. JTC 1 is a joint technical committee of the international standards organisations; the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Contact us

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