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Interconnection and Access Agreements

Interconnection refers to the linking of communications networks to ensure that users of one communications network can access the communications networks and services of other telecommunications operators. Interconnection is necessary to promote effective competition in a multi-network, multi-operator environment.

Interconnection Regulatory Framework

To promote seamless communication throughout Singapore, all licensees must comply with IMDA regulations, requiring interconnection with each other, whether directly or indirectly. IMDA's regulatory framework on interconnection is found in Sections 5 and 6 of the Code of Practice for Competition in the Provision of Telecommunication Services 2012 (Telecom Competition Code 2012 (1.02MB)). IMDA may grant exemptions from specific provisions of the Telecom Competition Code 2012 where good cause is shown.

Dispute Resolution Framework

IMDA will resolve disputes between licensees arising out of the failure of licensees to enter into Individualised Interconnection Agreements or Sharing Agreements. IMDA may also resolve disputes regarding implementation of an interconnection agreement entered into with a dominant licensee or a Sharing Agreement entered into pursuant to IMDA's dispute resolution procedures.

Except as otherwise specified, IMDA will not intervene in other disputes relating to matters provided for in the Telecom Competition Code 2012. Instead, licensees are required to resolve their disputes in accordance with the dispute resolution provisions of their respective agreements, or in the absence of any agreement, through good-faith commercial negotiations.

In adherence to IMDA regulations, all valid disputes related to telecommunications services in Singapore will be resolved according to the process and standards outlined in the Dispute Resolution Guidelines (81.00KB) issued by IMDA.

Interconnection & Access Agreements

IMDA strongly encourages its licensees to enter into interconnection and access agreements through commercial negotiations. IMDA, however, has taken a more active role in ensuring the adoption of just, reasonable, and non-discriminatory interconnection and access agreements involving dominant licensees. IMDA requires a dominant licensee to provide interconnection and access related services to facilities-based and service-based licensees under its reference interconnection offer. Licensees who seek to interconnect with a dominant licensee may do so via:

(a) Interconnection pursuant to an approved reference interconnection offer; 

SingTel's Reference Interconnection Offer (RIO)

NetLink Trust's Reference Access Offer (RAO) 

(b) Interconnection pursuant to an existing interconnection agreement; and 

(c) pursuant to an Individualised Interconnection Agreement.