Internet Access Service Providers are automatically class-licensed under the Broadcasting (Class Licence) Notification of the Broadcasting Act 1994. They are required to:

  1. register with IMDA within 14 days of the provision of their service; and
  2. provide a 14-day written notice to IMDA prior to the termination of their services.

Who is this for?

Any person or class of persons licensed under Section 5 of the Telecommunications Act 1999 to provide internet access services are Internet Access Service Providers.  All Internet Access Service Providers must first obtain a Facilities-Based Operator (FBO) or Services-Based Operations (SBO) licence.


$1,000 per annum

Applicable Licence Conditions

How to apply?

Click here to apply online via GoBusiness Licensing. 


Please call 1800 478 5478 or email us.

Last updated on: 16 Dec 2022

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