Spectrum refers to the frequencies which are used by various radio-communication services.

As Spectrum is a limited resource, IMDA plays an important role in the management and coordination on the planning, allocation and assignment of frequencies and ensure the efficient delivery of services such as mobile, fixed, satellite, short-range devices and broadcasting. In addition, the provision of services will be handled by Spectrum Monitoring, to analyse measurement results for better spectrum planning and to investigate on the interference cases.

Spectrum Monitoring

Spectrum Monitoring supports the overall spectrum management effort by providing general measurement of channel and band usage, including spectrum occupancy coupled with inspection and compliance, Monitoring aids in the identification and measurement of spectrum usage, interference sources, the verification of proper technical and operational characteristics of radiated signals, detection and identification of illegal transmitters. In conclusion, spectrum monitoring provides a feed-forward information to spectrum management thus producing data on the effectiveness of spectrum management policies.

For report on Radio Frequency Interference, please direct written email to spectrum_monitoring@imda.gov.sg.

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Last updated on: 04 Jul 2022