TV White Spaces (“TVWS”) refer to unused radio spectrum in the TV broadcast bands that could potentially be used for alternative wireless broadband communications. TVWS technology is an innovation that allows opportunistic access to the presently untapped and under-utilised source of spectrum, to meet the demand for frequency spectrum for high-speed wireless broadband Internet access, machine-to-machine communications, smart metering and outdoor environment monitoring services.

In June 2014, the TVWS regulatory framework was released to provide certainty and clarity to the industry. In addition, IMDA adopts a licence-exempt policy for the use of radio frequencies in the designated spectrum band to deploy TVWS technology to facilitate adoption and to lower cost barriers for the industry.

To further facilitate the deployment of TVWS technology, the Telecommunications Standards Advisory Committee (TSAC) has also published a set of technical standards with recommendations on the specifications and requirements for TVWS equipment. 

Companies that are interested in deploying TVWS technology and networks may refer to the following information for equipment registration and TVWS geo-location database access:

  1. TVWS Equipment Registration
    Equipment dealers and suppliers interested in selling TVWS equipment are required to register such equipment under IMDA’s General Equipment Registration (“GER”) scheme. IMDA will carry out the necessary verification and technical evaluation to ensure that TVWS equipment brought into Singapore meets the respective technical specifications and standards.

  2. TVWS Geo-Location Database
    TVWS equipment will be required to access a licensed geo-location database in order to dynamically acquire information on TVWS spectrum availability at its geographic location and at different points in time. Companies that are interested in developing and/or managing a geo-location database service in Singapore will be required to apply for a Services-Based Operator (Individual) (“SBO”) licence.

Approved Database Providers

The table below provides information on TVWS Geo-location Database providers that are licensed to provide commercial services in Singapore. For any information on the database service, please contact these companies directly.

Contact Information
Network Genetics Pte Ltd
Starhub Ltd
DNNA Solution Pte. Ltd.

For more information, please contact Ms Michelle Ho or Ms Sebrena Soh.


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