24 June 2020

The 5G Call for Proposal (CFP) process marks another milestone in the development of 5G technology in Singapore. Through this process, Singtel Mobile Singapore Pte Ltd (Singtel) and the Joint-Venture Consortium (JVCo) formed by StarHub Mobile Pte Ltd (StarHub) and M1 Limited (M1) were selected as winners, having completed the various requirements set out by IMDA regulations, including the selection of spectrum lots.

Based on the offer prices submitted in their CFP proposals, Singtel, and JVCo had to each pay the spectrum clearing price of S$55,010,000 for one 100 MHz lot in the 3.5 GHz band. Singtel submitted the winning assignment bid of S$2,100,128 to be assigned its preferred 100 MHz lot.

While there was no spectrum premium for the mmWave spectrum, the CFP winners had to bid for the final assignment of their respective two 400 MHz lots. M1, Singtel, and StarHub submitted the winning assignment bids of S$250,001, S$750,128, and S$1 respectively.

Following this, TPG Telecom Pte Ltd (TPG) applied for and was assigned the remaining two 400 MHz lots in the mmWave band.

JVCo Singtel TPG
M1 StarHub
3.5 GHz Clearing Price S$55,010,000 S$55,010,000 -
Quantity Allocated 100 MHz 100 MHz -
Winning Assignment Bid - - S$2,100,128 -
mmWave Quantity Allocated 800 MHz 800 MHz 800 MHz 800 MHz
Winning Assignment Bid S$250,001 S$1 S$750,128 -

Please refer to the Media Release for further details.

29 April 2020

Following an assessment of the submissions, IMDA has selected Singtel Mobile Singapore Pte Ltd (Singtel) and the Joint-Venture Consortium (JVCo) formed by StarHub Mobile Pte Ltd (StarHub) and M1 Limited (M1) as the winners of its 5G Call for Proposal (CFP).

Both winners will be given Provisional Awards, pending their completion of various regulatory requirements, such as selection of spectrum lots and confirmation of technical and legal matters. IMDA will issue 5G licences to the respective winners once they have met these requirements. Winners can start their 5G network deployments across Singapore thereafter. Please refer to the Media Release for further details.

17 February 2020

At the close of the 5G Call for ProposaI on 17 February 2020, IMDA received a total of three submissions – one each from Singtel Mobile Singapore Pte Ltd, and TPG Telecom Pte Ltd, and a joint-submission from StarHub Mobile Pte Ltd and M1 Limited.

IMDA is currently evaluating the submissions, and we expect to award the spectrum by mid-2020.

9 January 2020

In view of requests from the Mobile Network Operators for more time to submit proposals to the Call for Proposal (CFP) issued by IMDA on 17 October 2019, IMDA has extended the CFP submission deadline to 17 February 2020.

17 October 2019

IMDA has issued the Call for Proposal (CFP) documents to the Mobile Network Operators. Interested MNOs can submit their proposals for 5G spectrum by 12 noon, 21 Jan 2020.