Wireless Broadband Specturm Rights - Information Memorandum and Auction Rules

IDA has revised the Information Memorandum, Auction Rules and the Appendices 3 and 4 on the Bank Guarantee and WBA Spectrum Right Template, as of 22 March 2005. The revised documents are attached below. Please refer to the Clarifications of Queries relating to the Auction of Wireless Broadband Spectrum Rights on the specific revisions in the above documents.

The Appendix 1 - Application Form and Appendix 2 - Initial Offer Document remain unchanged as of 28 February 2005.

Wireless Broadband Auction Rules 
Information Memorandum (209.63KB)
Auction Rules (247.08KB)
Appendix 1 - Application Form (updated 28 February 2005) (48.47KB)
Appendix 2 - Initial Offer Document (updated 28 February 2005) (28.75KB)
Appendix 3 - Bank Guarantee (122.91KB)
Appendix 4 - WBA Spectrum Right Template (199.03KB)

* IDA has made some editorial amendments to Appendix 1 and 2. These documents have been updated on 28 February 2005.