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The evolution of data intelligence

The evolution of data intelligence

The evolution of data intelligence thumbnail

The evolution of data intelligence

Every organisation deserves to maximise the potential of its data assets. Imagine having a centralised database that not only makes finding data a breeze but also puts the power of data governance and collaboration right at your fingertips.

In this video, Satyen Sangani, CEO and co-founder of B2B enterprise software firm Alation, talks about the importance of proper data management and how organisations can use the company’s tools to derive maximum value from their data assets.


Alation is part of the IMDA Accreditation program, which was launched in July 2014 to accelerate the growth of promising Singapore-based enterprise tech firms. The program also aims to help such companies establish their credentials, build business traction, compete in the global market, and gain more opportunities to showcase their solutions to spur adoption.

To find out more about how advanced digital technologies can enhance how your business understands and utilizes data, check Alation’s website.

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