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MyInfo makes using Gov e-services more convenient

MyInfo makes using Gov e-services more convenient

MyInfo makes it a breeze to use your personal data across 10 Gov e-services now, with more to come.

Provide your personal data to a public agency just once and, with your consent, you may never have to repeat the process when you transact with another agency. 

In his opening address at Digital Government Exchange on 5 May, the Singapore Head of Civil Service Mr Peter Ong announced the launch of MyInfo, a feature that helps reduce inconvenience and friction in Government e-service transactions.


Head of Civil Service Mr Peter Ong spoke about MyInfo during his opening address at Digital Government Exchange (DGX) 2016.

Users who choose to use MyInfo will only need to provide their personal data once to the Government, instead of doing so repeatedly for every electronic transaction. 

This will help them to save time, avoid mistakes, and eventually do away with the need for physical documents as verification to complete transactions.

The pilot for MyInfo and the responses were very encouraging, said Mr Ong. 

“Despite the fact that we decided not to publicise the availability of MyInfo, over 32,000 individuals have signed up for the feature since its soft-launch in January this year.” 

MyInfo is now available across 10 e-services including applications for public housing flats and the Baby Bonus scheme. In the case of Baby Bonus applications, the MyInfo feature coupled with the online application process allows parents to cut the time taken by half, and eliminates the need to provide physical documents. 

By 2018, all e-Services that require 2-factor user authentication will be linked to the MyInfo platform. The government is also looking to increase the number of personal data items that could be shared, and expand the use of MyInfo to secured commercial transactions, such as those for banking, said Mr Ong.

The MyInfo portal is located at




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