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5 reasons you should watch SeNT

5 reasons you should watch SeNT

This locally produced HBO Asia series is sure to ‘send’ audiences some #LOLs.

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Photo credit: HBO Asia

By Ryan Huang 

Ever emailed or texted the wrong person? You are not alone. This common blunder is the genesis of HBO Asia’s first original comedy series, SeNT!

SeNT tells the story of Jay, a meek office worker who copes with the stress of life by drafting scathing emails to anyone who gets on his nerves. His life gets turned upside down when hundreds of these spiteful drafts are sent out by accident.

The series is produced by local production company Very Tay and helmed by local comedian Alaric Tay – best known for his work on the Mediacorp Channel 5 comedy series The Noose.

If that’s not enough telltale sign that this show is set to be a hit, here are 5 more reasons why you would not want to miss it:


  1. You can relate to the main character

    Technology-related boo-boos happen to the best of us, and that’s why you might relate to the misfortune faced by the protagonist.

    Actor Alan Wong, who plays Jay’s best friend Max in the show, recalls the time when he sent a message meant for a girl he was dating at the time, straight to his boss instead.

    "They had the same first name – and that's going to get you. The first Emily is not always the right Emily," said the 31-year-old during the press conference launching the show.

  2. It features a few of your favourite and familiar faces

    The eight-episode half-hour series features an ensemble cast of actors who are based in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Hong Kong.

    Haresh Tilani, co-founder of Singaporean YouTube comedy channel, Ministry of Funny, takes on the lead role of Jay Bunani. Look out as well for veteran actor Adrian Pang, who plays his slightly eccentric boss; Rosalind Pho of Tanglin fame; ex-MTV VJ Alan Wong; and actress Carla Dunareanu from The Kitchen Musical. Keep your eyes peeled for a cameo by Alaric Tay!


  3. Catch Alaric Tay’s TV series directorial debut

    While this is the 38-year-old’s first time directing a TV series, Alaric has directed short films such as When We Were Bengs (2006) and Final Defect (2013).

    His acting chops have played a huge role in bringing out the best of his cast.

    “It was a joy working with Alaric, because he was an actor before so he knows where we’re coming from and how to overcome some of our challenges such as expressing the character,” said Rosalind, echoing a sentiment of her colleagues.


  4. Filmed at a neighbourhood near you?

    Look out for the familiar Singapore cityscape. SeNT is the first HBO Asia Original production that has been set and filmed entirely on location in the country.

    “Some of the interesting locations we used included filming in various homes, such as an HDB and a landed property,” said Alaric. “I'm very proud that I got the opportunity to do something like this, where it's shot in Singapore with a Singapore cast and crew, and to showcase it all to the rest of the world."


  5. First episode is free!

As a bonus, anyone – yes, including non-subscribers – can catch the first episode online until 24 September 2017 on HBO Asia’s website.  

You can also check out the HBO Asia microsite, where viewers can use the “Inappropriate Email Generator”  to craft appropriately inappropriate angry or jealous emails directed at bosses, colleagues or in-laws with different levels of intensities.

SeNT is produced as part of a two-year partnership between HBO Asia and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) to develop capabilities and experience of local talent.

Catch the show every Sunday at 9pm on HBO Asia.


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