Must-watch shows in May

Must-watch shows in May

If you want to be a couch potato this month, make it worthwhile by catching these Public Service Broadcast (PSB) programmes.

Shows to watch in May 2018
(From left) StarCrossed (Photo: Mediacorp) and Heroes Among Us (Photo: The Straits Times).
Love in a Time of Change
(Photo: Mediacorp)

By Priscilla Gan


1. Love in a Time of Change

In this new documentary produced by Channel NewsAsia, relationships and romances are examined vis-à-vis Singapore’s history.

Three true stories – including the love story of a British colonial officer and an author in the 1950s – reveal the impact of historical events on people’s personal lives.

It also shows how the country’s attitude towards marriage, love and sex has evolved in the past century. 

If this appeals to the romantic history buff in you, do catch the episodes on meWATCH

StarCrossed (Photo: Mediacorp)

2. StarCrossed

Like a typical teenager, starry-eyed Si En is fascinated by the glitz and glamour of the lives of her favourite celebrities.

Little did she know that she would get to rub elbows – or maybe more than that? – with her favourite stars after a fortuitous event at a rehearsal studio.

But will her life have the same happy-ever-after ending, just like how the stars align in the movies?

No spoilers here!

StarCrossed’s mix of fresh and familiar faces – Zong Zijie, Elaine Jasmine, Richie Koh, Vanessa Vanderstraaten, Eelyn Kok, Ebi Shankara and Allan Wu – will definitely steal your heart in this romantic series.

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Heroes Among Us (Photo: The Straits Times)

3. Heroes Among Us 

Catch the second season of this 10-part series, which features Singaporeans from all walks of life with one big common trait – they are considered heroes in their own unique ways.

The series shows how these featured individuals have risen beyond their personal struggles to champion their own causes or pursue their passion.

For instance, the first episode highlights two emerging artists who are also diagnosed with autism.

This web series will be hosted fortnightly on the Straits Times (ST) website, ST Facebook page, Business Times and The New Paper, starting from the week of 7 May. 

So do catch these extraordinary heroes online!


Photo credits:
1. Image of Love in a Time of Change courtesy of Mediacorp.
2. Photos of StarCrossed courtesy of Mediacorp.
3. Photos of Heroes Among Us, including the story teaser image, courtesy of The Straits Times.




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