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New shows to try in July

New shows to try in July

Romance, revenge, redemption and plenty of adrenaline in the latest PSB (Public Service Broadcast) offerings.

July PSB shows
(From left) Tryfactor host Paul Foster (Photo: Mediacorp), Love at Cavenagh Bridge (photo: Mediacorp Toggle) and Janji Arissa (Image: Mediacorp).

By Priscilla Gan


Tryfactor (Photo: Mediacorp)

1. Tryfactor

Calling all fitness enthusiasts and adrenaline buffs: Here’s a new show that’s guaranteed to work out for you.

Catch Tryfactor hosts Paul Foster and Kelly Latimer as they try out a range of new fitness regimes and unconventional sports from cross-fit and indoor skydiving to aerial yoga and rock-climbing.

If you haven’t found enough motivation to leap up from the couch, you can be sure Tryfactor is that final push you need to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle!

Tryfactor debuted on okto on 17 June at 9pm and airs every Sunday till 12 August.

Missed the broadcast? No sweat!

Just catch each episode on Toggle too after it airs:


Love At Cavenagh Bridge
Love at Cavenagh Bridge (Image: Mediacorp Toggle)

2. Love At Cavenagh Bridge (加文纳桥的约定 )

One bridge. 10 love stories.

History buffs in the mood for romance, take note: The oldest local suspension bridge completed in 1869, the Cavenagh Bridge commemorated Singapore as the new addition to the British Empire’s Straits Colony. This historical bridge not only connects the commercial and government districts in Singapore then and now, but has also played witness to countless romances through the years.

With the Cavenagh Bridge as an integral backdrop, each of the 10 love stories is unforgettable and soul-stirring.

So get your tissues and cuddle up to your loved one to enjoy Love at Cavenagh Bridge on Toggle Originals every Thursday and Friday from 14 June to 13 July 2018:


Janji Arissa (Image: Mediacorp)

3. Janji Arissa

Not your everyday soap opera: Janji Arissa spins a tale of revenge, love and redemption.

Hatred-filled Arissa seeks revenge against Muhammad, who abandoned her mother while she was pregnant with her. She conspires with Fendi, who has a personal agenda, and sabotages Muhammad’s company and tarnishes its image. She also does her best to ruin the happiness of Muhammad’s family.

However, in a twist of events, Arissa develops a change of heart when her mother suffers from cancer. She then pivots to a goal once thought impossible — to reunite her parents. Will she succeed? There’s only one way to find out.

Janji Arissa features a star-studded cast from Malaysia, including Janna Nick and Sharifah Shahora. Local talents include Jeff Catz, Fir Rahman, Farhana M Noor, Aric Hidir Amin and Wahyu Rahman.

The drama airs on Suria every Tuesday from 26 June 2018 to 13 August 2018 at 9.30pm. Catch each episode on Toggle Catch Up the day after it airs:


Photo credits:
1. Photos of Tryfactor and Janji Arissa courtesy of Mediacorp.
2. Photos of Love at Cavenagh Bridge courtesy of Mediacorp Toggle.




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