On the digital transformation beat

On the digital transformation beat

Metropolis Security secures its future in a competitive industry by digitalising how its officers operate.

Metropolis Security
A screenshot of the Metropolis Security website.

By Billy Teo

Gabkotech iRep
The iRep Security system from Gabkotech – which has been deployed by Metropolis Security – was exhibited at the launch of the Security Industry Transformation Map.

The security industry is all geared up to undertake digital transformation.

The launch of the Industry Transformation Map (ITM) in February 2018, followed by the Industry Digital Plan (IDP), has given the sector a shot in the arm.

Take Metropolis Security, for example. One of a handful of security agencies here to maintain an “A” Grade for 11 consecutive years, it recently adopted the iRep Security system from Gabkotech – through IMDA’s SMEs Go Digital programme – to transition into a digitalised security system and upskill its security officers.

The iREP Security system is a mobile reporting, maintenance tracking and monitoring platform. GPS trackers and Live Image captures enables Metropolis Security Systems security officers to carry out their duties more efficiently and effectively.

The firm has reported improvements such as no more lapses in patrol clocking points, as officers can use an interactive display to check in. Deployment controllers now have an overview of the attendance for all sites through a dashboard, and onsite incidents can be reported – and rectified promptly.  

IMpact news spoke to Mr. Patrick Xu, Quality Compliance Manager of Metropolis Security, to secure more details.


Gabkotech iRep
Security officers from Metropolis are now able to use their mobile devices to do their rounds more efficiently.

How has Metropolis Security stayed ahead in this competitive industry?

We have been ISO & OHSAS (an international related to health and safety management systems) certified since 2015, and we always ensure that we meet the standards of what an “A” grade security guard company is in this industry. We place our staff first, and offer a caring and professional approach to our employees.

We have established, and are continuously refining, policies and systems in place to guide our operations and management staff in their daily tasks to ensure we meet our clients’ expectations, as it is one of our utmost priorities in order to remain competitive in this industry.

What are some common problems or challenges faced by the security industry, in your view?

First and foremost, the common challenges in this industry has always been the lack of manpower in the industry, followed by the growing number of matured workers, as fewer cohorts of young people join the industry.

What is Metropolis’ approach to the use of technology?

As part of the fast-paced security industry, we must be competitive, innovative and adoptive.

These are the reasons why Metropolis invested on digital technology solutions. A lot of factors have been considered when it comes to the use of technology.

We have invested a great deal of time and effort working with the solutions vendors in discovering applicable technological solutions, and we review their suitability and cost-effectiveness strictly before we decide.

How does Metropolis deploy the iREP Security system?

We envision that all sites will have an automated attendance and clocking systems. No more old-fashioned pen and paper methods!

Currently, 44 out 68 sites have an iREP Security system that delivers more reliable attendance and patrol clocking reports with higher accuracy, which delights our clients. The Guard Tour system with a mobile app provides an easy reference for security officers on the patrolling and clocking beats, especially for newly-trained officers. The app also makes it easy for our officers to file incident reports.

What is your appraisal of the iREP Security System?

It has benefited our operations. Our security officers are not required to memorise their patrolling route as an app will prompt them accordingly. Deployment Controllers are not required to call each site to take the daily attendance. More importantly, the time taken to retrieve incident reports has been reduced, and we now have automated visitor records that are easily retrievable when needed.

Gabkotech iRep
The iRep Security system's mobile app.

What did you do to train Metropolis security officers to use technology such as the iREP Security System?

I must say it was a team effort. Our Quality, Compliance and Training Staff together with IT Engineers will individually conduct hands-on training for the Security Officers.

On top of the training, they are provided with the necessary backend support until they are familiar with the system.

What are some possible or future tech innovations that Metropolis Security is considering or exploring?

As the industry is moving towards reducing reliance on manpower with the use of technology due to the shortage of officers, Metropolis is exploring the use of technologies like video analytics and digital surveillance, and even self-service visitor registration kiosks.

What are your thoughts on the new Industry Digital Plan (IDP) that is in support of the Security ITM?

The IDP shows a detailed guide that is useful for SMEs like us, especially one starting its journey in adopting digital technology. It helps SMEs to choose and identify the right digital solutions in the market that are most relevant to its operations needs.


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