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DeClout stays nimble to discover key opportunities in the fast-changing Tech sector

DeClout stays nimble to discover key opportunities in the fast-changing Tech sector

DeClout began as a technology start-up in 2010, focusing on IT infrastructure and vertical domain cloud services to help businesses and SMEs go digital in their operations.

Today, the company, which listed on the Singapore Exchange’s (SGX) Catalist board in 2012, continues to help push frontiers within the technology space.

With its headquarters in Singapore, DeClout has cemented its reputation for being able to invest in, incubate, and scale next-generation technology companies by transforming them into industry frontrunners.

In 2013, the company acquired US-based, IT asset recovery and independent maintenance firm Procurri, and helped spearhead Procurri’s push into various markets, from Europe to the Middle East and Southeast Asia. This turned Procurri into a global company, and it was eventually listed on the SGX’s mainboard in 2016.

DeClout’s ability to suss out key opportunities and act instinctively in the fast-paced technology industry has been integral to its success.

“We don’t do different things, we do things differently,” says founder Vesmond Wong.

For instance, one of DeClout’s portfolio companies, vCargo Cloud (VCC), launched the world’s first blockchain-based e-Certificate of Origin (eCO) in May 2018. This has helped many logistics companies boost efficiency and cut costs, given that the certificate of origin – typically a bulky paper document used by companies when shipping goods to countries within the Free Trade Area – tended to get lost during the shipping process previously.

“Besides being on the lookout for next-generation technology and service providers, we need to ensure that our current portfolio companies constantly innovate to improve their product offering and solutions,” Mr Wong says.

It is thus not surprising that the company is a firm believer in technology and the benefits that digitalisation can bring to companies, both big and small.

Mr Wong adds: “As a mid-scale Catalist-listed company, we firmly believe in staying flexible and nimble in the fast-changing technology sector to adapt rapidly to industry trends and to stay at the top of the game.”

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