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Jing King pushes boundaries to establish itself as a FinTech and AI powerhouse

Jing King pushes boundaries to establish itself as a FinTech and AI powerhouse

At Jing King Tech Group, transformation has become a byword for success.

When Group Chairman Lennon Tan ventured out to Guangzhou China in 2001, both himself and the company he had bought over were at crucial crossroads — he had left American multi-national firm, 3M, at the height of his career as head of 14 Asia- Pacific markets, to pursue his entrepreneurial dream, while Jing King Technology was seeking to reinvent itself as a smart-card manufacturing business in China.

It did not take much for Lennon to realise that change was the only way forward.

By 2006, the company was the global leading original equipment manufacturer for the top four global smart card leaders, when it made the bold attempt to venture into the sphere of biometric technology, building on its key strength of secured data handling.

Having identified the rising demand for secure identity verification and electronic know your customer (eKYC) services as key elements in the future of digitisation, Jing King Tech Group tapped on innovation and technology to help companies realise their goals — a guiding ethos it has held onto till today.

“Utilising automation is key to improving productivity and increasing the level of service. At Jing King Tech, what we do is to curate these technologies and turn them into unique business service solutions for our clients based on their different organisational needs,” says Group CEO Anthony Ong.

In just eight years, Jing King Tech Group has moved from being a smart-card manufacturer to a forerunner in the booming FinTech industry.

The Singapore-based company is home to 2,000 employees in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and the South-east Asia , sharing a common goal: to provide innovative solutions for leading banks, insurers, government agencies, education, social security, health, transportation and telecommunications.

Research and development remains at the core of the company, with over 200 researchers and engineers in its three China facilities and laboratories constantly studying the latest trends to build technologies and innovations, in the fields of artificial intelligence, automation, digitalisation, secured data handling, data analytics and smart technologies.

The zest for innovation extends to Jing King Tech Singapore, where a brand new R&D centre will be planted here by 2019, to be closely attuned to the growth of South-east Asia’s booming digital economy. The Singapore team also regularly engages in industry tie-ups with leading government agencies and educational institutions to develop state-of-the-art technology like cloud computing, big data processing and analytics, encryption, and smart payment applications.

It was this industry foresight and a willingness to take risks that garnered Group Chairman Lennon Tan the Financial Services Technology Enablement Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2017.

By constantly pushing the boundaries, Jing King Tech Group continues to cement its reputation as a leading FinTech powerhouse by delivering innovative, trusted solutions and services to its clients across the world.

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